1. Haguge Convention:

This convention was started to protect the children & family from illegal irregular & improper adaptation process in abroad

It includes

  • to safeguard inter country adaption of children and to respect to human right.
  • To have a systematic co-operation among the countries for preventing human traffic & other illegal activities.

According to this convention adaption process different from one country to another, in country like India this kind of convection is required because many child abusing cases, human trafficking, and violation of human rights can seen more frequently. So such convention as tobe implemented in all the countries possible.

Adaption process is so simple in India also it has legal complication and documents as tobe under go. Which is actually required to solve issues related to adaption process in India .

Haguge convention is much required in India so that many problem can be rectified and awareness can be created among Indian citizen.


2. Ayushman Bharat

It is a health benefit scheme which is provided for the people of India who can go for cash less claim up to 5 lakhs which can be used in both government or private hospitals, which national  health protection mission which is headed by Ministry of union health & welfare.

The various partner of ayushman  bharat scheme are NITI aayog , the state wise the scheme provides easy use age of the payment because which can be easily used by the rural people also & consists of institutional structures for the benefits almost all people in the country.

The remote areas of about 40% can also be centres for wellness & second level can be found here like National Health protection Scheme 1,347 people have already benefited from the scheme for senior citizen it is called as Rashtriya Swasthy Bima Yojana. The main objective is OOPE , quality health & medication.



1. Exports of India and Karnataka

The major states involve in exporting of India.

The exports will increase the economic development of country which can happen through international and interstate trade activity. The major states are Maharashtra Gujarat Karnataka tamilnadu telangana contributing about 70% of India’s export.

  • Exports are not same it differs in quantity in products and states, countries also. The Indian companies will export about 5 to 10% to various countries of the world (38%), hence it is hetirogina exporter.
  • Exports includes rebates of state level who has increase exporting readymade garment and fabrics which are manmade.
  • The exporting is also focus between other states in India which is between 30&50% that’s how there is IGST on Goods & services which contributes about 60% GDP.
  • The exporting can happen only with help of logistics & supply chine management to reach different countries where World Bank also helps it.
  • India is 8th large exporter of commercial services during 2016(3.4%).




Inflation actually mean sudden increase in price which is measure by consumer price index. Where purchasing power of the individual come down as the salary of people remains unchanged.

They are 3type of inflation which accepted by world wide-

  • Cost –push inflation-where labour demand for higher wage.
  • Demand pull inflation- consumer demand is increasing by financial credit availability
  • Monitory inflation passed by expansion in money supply.

Inflation Vs deflation

1 Dollar rate higher Dollar rate lower
2 Purchasing power reduce. Here things become cheaper.
3 There is more financial system involved. it is simple to understand.
4 Money loses its value Money has value.
5 Countries performance improvement is required. Countries performance is better in the world.

Common observation both inflation and deflation leads to artificial demand in the required good and services by various companies.

It also effects the GDP of the country.

The people are going suffer in both the cases because of no proper distribution of wealth.

2. Consumer price & whole sale price index

Consumer price-The changes in purchasing power of individual the price of goods and services comparison with last years price index to know the inflation rate is increase or decrease it indicate the changes in the consumer buying pattern if more people are buying with satisfaction level indicates inflation rate low but presently which is high because of instability in because of business.

Whole sale price index- which indicates raising and falling prices of manufactured goods from companies. In present situation as there is no stability in business. Where the production cost is also more because raw material cost also more totally the cost manufacturing good in all sectors has increased because of various economic, political and legal barriers which is finally affecting price of manucture goods.

3. Publicfinance

Public finance the taxes collected from public shall benefit public in production and distribution of the public good which means the money which been collected in various form tak=xes has reach public by government which can happen by following ways.

  • The fund should reach to on when there is any emergency situation .

Ex: Disorter happen in kerala.

  • Public transport facility in all parts country.
  • Construction for infrastructure development.
  • Health benefit for lower classes.
  • Education and women empowerment.
  • To eradicate malnutrition.