Chapter Wise General Science Mcq’s with Explantions

Today’s Topic: Vitamins and Plant Hormones

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EveryDay Program List

Sunday- Indian and world Geography

Monday-General issues on Environmental Ecology, bio-diversity and Climate Change

Tuesday- General Science

Wednesday- Indian Polity and Governance

Thursday- History of India and Indian National Movement

Friday- Economic and Social Development

Saturday-Current Affairs Concepts


Today’s Topic: Vitamins and Plant Hormones

Q1. Match the following and choose correct answer by using the codes given below.

List-I                                        List-II

A) Sleeping Disease            1) Fungus

B) Tuberculosis                    2) Virus

C) Polio                                3) Bacteria

D) Asthma                           4) Protozoa

Codes: A         B          C          D

a)        1          2          3          4

b)        2         3           4          1

c)       3           4          1          2

d)      4           3           2          1

Ans:      D


Sleeping Disease         –           Protozoa

Tuberculosis                –           Bacteria

Polio                            –           Virus

Asthma                        –           Fungus


Q2. Which of the following not correct:

a) Sleeping Disease, Dysentery, Malaria – Protozoa

b) AIDS, Polio, Rabbis – Virus

c) Titenes, Cholera, Gonorrhea – Bacteria

d) Asthma, Athletes Foot, Baldners – Helminthus

Ans:      D

Explanation:    Asthma, Athlete foot and baldners are caused by fungus but not by Helminthus. Diarrhea, Filaria is caused by helminthus, Sleeping disease, Dysentery and Malaria are caused by Bacteria.


Q3. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

List-I (Human Disease)                                    List-II (Effected Part)

A) Malaria                                                              1) Gums

B) Pyuria                                                                2) Spline & RBC

C) Dysentery                                                          3) Brain

D) Sleeping Disease                                              4) Intestine

Codes: A         B          C          D

a)        1           2          3          4

b)        2          1          4          3

c)        3          4          1          2

d)       4           3          2          1

Ans:     B


Malaria                              –           Spline & RBC

Pyuria                                –           Gums

Dysentery                          –           Intestine

Sleeping Disease              –           Brain


Q4. Which of the following not correct?

a) Wheat, Corn, Potato, Banana – Carbohydrate

b) Milk, Egg, Paneer – Vitamin-A

c) Lemon,Orange, Tomato, Chilli, Germinated seeds – Vitamin C

d) Pulse, Liver, Vegetables, Egg – Vitamin –B1

Ans:      D

Explanation:    Pule, Liver, Vegetables, Egg are sources of folic acid. Wheat, Corn,Potato, Banana are sources of carbohydrate. Milk, Egg, Paneer are sources of Vitamin-A and Lemon, Orange, Tomato, Chilli are source of Vitamin-C.


Q5. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below.

List-I (Minerals)                       List-II (Main Sources)

A) Sodium                             1) Salt, Fish, Meat, Milk

B) Calcium                             2) Paneer, Gram, Green, Vegetables

C) Magesium                         3) Vegetables

D) Phosporous                      4) Milk, Milets, Paneer

Codes: A         B          C          D

a)         1          2          3          4

b)         2          3          4          1

c)         3          4          1          2

d)        4           1          2          3

Ans:     A


Sodium           –           Salt, Fish, Meat, Milk

Calcium           –           Paneer, gram,Green vegetables

Magnesium      –           Vegetables

Phosphorous    –           Milk, Milets, Paneer


Q6. Which one of the following antimicrobial drugs is suitable for treatment of both tuberculosis and leprosy:

a) Rifampicin                         b) Streptomycin

c) P-aminosalicylic Acid        d) Terramycin

Ans:     A

Explanation:    Leprosy is caused by Mycobacterium leprae, while tuberculosis is caused by bacteria streptococcus or staphylococcus. Rifampicin is a common medicine in treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy. B. C. G. vaccine is used.


Q7. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

List-I (Hormone)                                              List-II (Related Gland)

A) Somatropic Hormone                                  1) Thyroid Gland

B) Triiodothyronine Hormone                           2) Pituitary Gland

C) Parathyroid Hormone                                   3) Adrenal Gland

D) Mineralocorticoids                                        4) Parathyroid Gland

Codes: A         B          C          D

a)        1           4          3          2

b)        2           3          4          1

c)        2           1          4          3

d)       3            4          2          1

Ans:     C


Somatotropic Hormone            –           Pituitary gland

Triiodothyronine Hormone       –           Thyroid Gland

Parathyroid Hormone              –           Parathyroid Gland

Mineralocorticoids                   –           Adrenal Gland


Q8. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below.

List-I                            List-II

A) Mango      –        1) Oryzasativa

B) Rice          –        2) Mangiferaindica

C) Wheat      –        3) Brassica campestris

D) Mustard    –       4) Triticumaestivum

Codes: A         B          C          D

a)         1          2           3           4

b)         2          1           4            3

c)        3           4           1            2

d)         4          3           2            1

Ans:     b)


Mango              –           Mangiferaindica

Rice                 –           Oryzasativa

Wheat              –           Triticumaestivum

Mustard           –           Brassica campestris


Q9. The pituitary gland by virus of its tropic hormones controls the secretary activity of other endocrine glands.

Which one of the following endocrine gland can function independent of the pituitary gland:

a) Parathyroid

b) Adrenals

c) Thyroid

d) None of these

Ans:     A

Explanation:    Parathyroid gland presents in thyroid gland. This gland secretes parathormone hormone, which regulates Ca++ and PO4-ion in body. This gland works independently to pituitary gland.


Q10.Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

List-I                              List-II

(Living organism)    (Scientific name)

A) Man – 1) Felisdomestica

B) Cow – 2) Canisfamilaris

C) Dog – 3) Bosindicus

D) Cat – 4) Homo Sapiens

Codes: A         B          C          D

a) 1 2          3          4

b) 2 3          4          1

c) 3 4          1          2

d) 4 3          2          1

Ans:      D


Man    –           Homo Sapiens

Cow     –           Bosindicus

Dog      –           Canisfamilaris

Cat       –           Felisdomestica


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