• ‘Helping the need’ is the basis of Humanity and the heart of charity.
  • International Charity day is dedicated to promote charity as sharing for betterment of others life.
  • It is celebrated annually on 5th September to commemorate the death anniversary of ‘Mother Teresa’ as declared in the UN General assembly 2012.
  • It was proposed by Hungary to create a worldwide platform for creating awareness about importance of charity
  • International charity day 2020 is celebrated on 5th September, Wednesday.


  • Mother Teresa is the epitome of the word ‘charity’, a Roman Catholic nun who found ‘Missionaries of Charity’ which serves people in 133 countries.
  • This missionary helps to care of people suffering from leprosy, HIV, Tuberculosis other life threatening diseases
  • In 1948 Mother Teresa became an Indian citizen, she was a teacher in convent school in Calcutta for 20 years.
  • For more than 45 years she tended to many sick, poor and homeless people.
  • Mother Teresa became renowned and recognized for her charity work in all over the world
  • She received Noble Peace Award in 1979 “for work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitute a threat to peace.”
  • Mother Teresa was awarded Bharat Ratna (1980) Padma Shri (1962) and the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding (1969)


Eradicating poverty all over the globe is not a small feat, more than 10.7% of the world population is facing extreme poverty and in India, it is about 21.2%. This task is not possible for the government alone, there is a need for voluntary work from private sectors, organization and people who have the mindset to help others.

In 2015 an initiative was taken by the UN as “2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development” with 17 goals which were adopted by world leaders to eliminate poverty completely. This agenda mainly focuses on people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.


  • On this day a panel is created by UN with attendance of many prominent statespersons, private organizations to initiate activities to promote charity in alleviating poverty.
  • Many educational events are organized to encourage youth in taking part in charity work
  • Funding camps are organized to collect funds and daily utility product to distribute for people in need
  • Events are held all over the world to create an awareness of the charity and social work

International Charity day 2020 is celebrated to remind our responsibilities of helping other Human beings. Charity doesn’t always mean monetary help, giving time and volunteering to help others in any task is enough.

Himalai as a part of Our India with world events wants to create awareness about the importance of charity and helping fellow human beings.