Reason for Indian Airforce day, why is it celebrated?

  • Indian Airforce day is celebrated on 8th October annually to commemorate the establishment of Indian Air force in 1932.
  • It is the day to remember the contributions of air force towards national security and a tribute to air force Heroes who laid down their lives for the country.
  • 88th Air Force day, i.e. Indian Airforce day 2020 is celebrated today on 8th October 2020.
  • This year Indian Air Force Day 2020 celebration parade takes place at the Hindon airbase in Ghaziabad.


  • Indian Air force (IAF) is the air armed force that secures the airspace of India’s borders and aid other Indian armed forces in wars.
  • They also organize civilian rescue mission under natural calamities.
  • In 1932 British founded the Indian air force as an auxiliary force, for the contribution of its during World War II, British renamed it as Royal air force.
  • After Independence the Airforce was divided between India and Pakistan, the Indian government dropped the ‘Royal’ prefix and Indian Air force was born.
  • Later IAF was engaged in five major wars, one against China and four against Pakistan.
  • Over the years IAF has seen significant growth in R & D with HAL establishment and DRDO’s ventures.
  • Now, Indian Airforce is the fourth largest air armed force in the world in terms of troops and assets.

Milestones in Indian Air Force history   

1960-1961 Congo crisis and Annexation of Goa (Operation Vijaya)

1962- Sino- Indian War (India- China border disagreement)

1965- Second Kashmir war (Indian- Pakistan J & K disagreement)

1971- Bangladesh Liberation War

1984- Operation Meghdoot (To capture the 70 Km long Siachen Glacier)

1987- Operation Poomalai (Sri Lanka Humanitarian supplies through airdrop)

1987- IAF support to UN’s Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF)

1988- Operation Cactus (IAF aid to the Maldives)

1999- Kargil War (Operation Safed Sagar)

Airforce Day Celebrations

  • IAF has organized this year’s Indian Airforce day events in Hindon, Uttar Pradesh which is attended by many dignitaries and civilians.
  • Every year for Indian Airforce day celebration IAF holds parades and ceremonies which is attended by the three chiefs of Indian Army, Navy and Air force.
  • On this day Air fighters take the ‘Oath of allegiance’ to dedicate their lives for the country.
  • IAF conducts a wreath-laying ceremony honouring the lives that were sacrificed for a greater cause with reverse arms and two minutes of silence.
  • By recognizing the accomplishments, IAF honours air warriors with gallantry awards and medals
  • The much-awaited part of air force day celebration is the Airshow, with months of preparation IAF’s fighters performs a mesmerizing air display and air acrobatics with fighter jets like Mi-17 V5, Apache, SU-30 MKI, Jaguar and Rudra helicopters. Like this, different fighter jets will be a part of the parade
  • Airforce displays demos of major Indian air force planes, fighter jets, and helicopters for their visitors which are the pride of India.
  • Many Indian leaders and representatives deliver their wishes to the Indian air force through social media.

On this Indian Airforce Day 2020 as a part of our India our pride event, Himalai IAS coaching salutes Indian air force for their dedication and hard work in safeguarding us.