UPSC Exam Guidance 2019 – Tips And Tricks to top IAS Exam

Congratulations! on deciding to become an IAS officer, because first step is the most difficult one. With civil service exam 2019 upcoming shortly and the UPSC official notification 2019 to release in February. Your IAS destination is set, now you only have to make a way to reach it. Here are IAS preparation tips and tricks to boost your IAS score

Understand IAS Exam Process

 Before you start IAS preparation, get to know basic IAS exam 2019 requirements like writing practice, topics and current affairs coverage. Understanding of IAS exam pattern, UPSC syllabus and referring IAS previous year question papers is enough to get a clear idea about UPSC expectations.

Planning Strategies

 IAS exam strategy is not rocket science, the approach is quite similar to any other examination but with a bit of special care. An early start for IAS 2019 is always an added advantage. Plan everything from daily timetables to long-term syllabus coverage. Set your IAS optional subject choice and qualifying papers strategies from the start. Make checklists to ensure that your IAS exam preparation is completed as planned. Join IAS center that will aid you with your planning and IAS preparations.

Reliable Learning Sources

 Simple the IAS study material, better will be your IAS preparation. There are tons of IAS study material and mock tests available on the internet which will only confuse you. Depend only on reliable sources for IAS Books, study material and current affairs.

Advise from one of our Himalai IAS coaching toppers is to avoid group study & discussions, which will divert you and worse demotivate you when compared to others IAS preparation pace.

Positive Study Space

Try to maintain a positive environment that will support your IAS preparation. While studying avoid social media and other communications modes, it can become a distraction. Select a study space that is peaceful and comfortable for you, which will help you to progress in learning and make your IAS preparation easy

Positive Mind Set

 Don’t be misled that IAS exam 2019 is challenging. You can learn and experience many new things throughout the IAS preparation process. Enjoy the learning with simple explanations of IAS NCERT books, it will boost your confidence.

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

You can’t become an IAS officer overnight, you have to cultivate it over a year. Routine is the most oversight part of IAS exam preparation. Develop daily activities like newspaper reading, exercising, healthy diet and proper sleep hours. This will not only keep you physically fit, but it will also help you stay focused. This is not limited only for you IAS preparation, it’s a lifestyle that will benefit you for life.

The three letters ‘IAS’ has the power to change your life completely. Dedication and smart IAS preparation is enough to achieve all the power and status you have dreamt for your life. Plan, prepare and stay focused that is all it requires. All the best for your IAS preparation!!