• World Heart day is annually celebrated on 29th September to create an awareness of the need for maintaining heart health.
  • This is an initiation by World Heart Federation (WHF) since 2000 WHF is organizing campaigns all over the world, informing people about heart diseases and its prevention.
  • This year, World heart day 2018 is celebrated on 29th September 2018, Saturday.

World Heart day importance (Facts and Figures):

  • Cardiovascular disease represents diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and vascular brain diseases. In common terms, it refers to heart attacks and stroke.
  • Worldwide cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the number one cause of death, more than 17.5 million lives deaths occur due to heart attacks and strokes.
  • The death rate due to the heart attack is 7.3 million and due to stroke is .2 million
  • Recognizing these world leaders have taken measures to reduce this at least 25% before 2025
  • World heart day provides a platform to focus all the efforts of different organizations in fighting this disease

Know Your Heart:

  • A baby’s heart starts beating after 3 weeks of conceiving.
  • It beats more than 115,000 per day, pumping 200 gallons of blood.
  • A person’s heart size is equivalent to his fist size and weighs less than 1 pound.
  • High blood sugar, Blood pressure, and cholesterol are the common cause of heart failures.
  • Manage your heart health with simple changes in your daily life like healthy diet, exercises, stress relieving activities and avoid smoking.
  • Occasionally check your blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI scale by a doctor or a medical professional.

World Heart day activities:

  • On the world heart day, WHF organizes Heart Hero award event to honor everyone who has contributed to maintaining heart health from research profession, organizations to common individuals.
  • Globally many organization plan world heart day activities like health checkups, educative seminars, workshops, informative social media posts etc.

World Heart day 2018 theme is “My heart and your Heart”:

  • This year world heart day theme encourages people to care for their own Heart as well as their loved ones.
  • Care in cooking and eating healthy food, encouraging physical activities and reminding frequent health checkups.
  • A major percentage of Heart attacks are triggered at home. Consult a professional to know about the initial symptoms and measures that can help avoid further harm so you can help anyone one in emergency situations.

World Heart day in India:

  • Cardiological Society of India has organized educative awareness camp in Silchar, Assam.
  • Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists is conducting health screening camp in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

It is our responsibility to care for our heart and others. Himalai IAS coaching wants to promote the importance of heart health on this World Heart day as a part of our India with world events.