Chapter Wise Indian Polity MCQ’s With Explanation

Today’s Topic: Amendment of the Constitution

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EveryDay Program List

Monday-General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change

Tuesday- General Science

Wednesday- Indian Polity and Governance

Thursday- History of India and Indian National Movement

Friday- Economic and Social Development

Saturday-Indian and world Geography

Today’s Topic: Amendment of the Constitution

Q1. If a new state of the Indian Union is to be created, which one of the following schedules of the Constitution must be amended?

a) First                        b) Second                         c) Third                        d) Fifth

Ans      A

Explanation:    Article 1 and 4]

Q2. The method of amendment of Indian Constitution has been incorporated in Article

a) 368                          b) 299                        c) 378                       d) 301

Ans      A

Q3. Which amendment incorporated Right to Education to the Constitution?

a) 86th                         b) 42nd                         c) 44th                       d) 74th

Ans      A

Q4. 44th Amendment was passed in the year

a) 1975                        b) 1976                        c) 1977                        d) 1978

Ans      D

Q5. Which Government pioneered 44th constitutional amendment?

a) Nehru Govt.                        b) Moraji Desai Govt.                        c) V.P.Singh Govt.                            d) P.V.Rao Govt.

Ans      B

Q6. In which Constitutional Amendment Act seats of LokSabha were increased from 525 to 545?

a) 21st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1967                        b) 24th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1971

c) 25th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1971                        d) 31st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1973

Ans      D

Explanation:    31st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1973 – By this amendment the seats of LokSabha was increased from 525 to 545 but reduced the representation of UT’s in LokSabha from 25 to 20.]

Q7. In which Constitutional Amendment Act Sikkim was made fully-fledged State of the Union of India?

a) 21st Constitutional Amendment Act                        b) 31st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1973

c) 35th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1974              d) 36th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1975

Ans      D

Explanation:    By 36th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1975 Sikkim was made fully-fledged State of the Union of India.]

Q8. In which Constitutional Amendment Act Goa was made a fully-fledged State with a State assembly?

a) 43rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1977                        b) 44th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1978

c) 56th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987                         d) 57th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987

Ans      C

Explanation:    In 56th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987 Goa was made fully-fledged State with a State Assembly but Daman and Diu Stayed as UT.]

Q9. In which Constitutional Amendment Act An authoritative text of the Constitution in Hindi was provided to the people of India by the President?

a) 57th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987                        b) 58th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1987

c) 59th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1988                        d) 61st Constitutional Amendment Act, 1988

Ans      B

Q10. Which Constitutional Amendment Act, provided reservation in admission in private unaided educational institutions for students belonging to scheduled castes/tribes and other backward classes?

a) 92nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2003                        b) 93rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2005

c) 94th Constitutional Act, 2006                                             d) 95th Constitutional Act, 2009

Ans      B

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