Chapter Wise General Science Mcq’s with Explanation

Today’s Topic: Waves and currents-1

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Tuesday- General Science

Wednesday- Indian Polity and Governance

Thursday- History of India and Indian National Movement

Friday- Economic and Social Development

Saturday-Indian and world Geography

Today’s Topic: Waves and currents-1

Q1. Which one of the following happens at absolute zero temperature:

a) All the molecules come to rest and have zero energy.

b) Molecules vibrate faster at this temperature.

c) Potential energy is zero.

d) None of these.

Ans:    D

Explanation:    Absolute zero is the theoretical temperature at which entropy reaches its minimum value. The laws of thermodynamics state that absolute zero still possesses quantum mechanical zero-point energy, the energy of the ground state cannot be removed. However, in classical interpretation, it is zero and the thermal energy of the matter vanished.

Q2. Choose the following statements related to silver plating of a brass spoon:

1) It is suspended in an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid.

2) The spoon is made the cathode and anode is a plate of pure clean silver.

3) Before electroplating process, the spoon is washed by caustic soda.

a) 1 and 2                  b) Only 3                  c) 2 and 3                    d) None of these.

Ans:     C

Explanation:    For silver plating, the spoon is made the cathode and anode is a plate of pure silver. The spoon is suspended in a bath of sodium silver cyanide and made by adding NaCl to a solution of AgNO3 until the precipitate form just dissolves. IF silver nitrate solution is used directly instead of double cyanide of sodium and silver, the deposition of silver will be very fast, not very smooth and uniform.

Q3. If a light bulb is placed between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 60, the number of images formed are:

a) 9                  b) 7                  c) 5                  d) 2

Ans:     C

Explanation:    If two mirror are included at an angle, we get many images since the image formed by one mirror acts as an object for the other mirror. The total number of images formed by two mirrors inclined at an angle is given by the relation, a number of images (n) =  -1In this case n=  -1=5.

Q4. Which one of the following instruments is used to measure the depth of sea:

a) Lactometer                  b) Fathometer                  c) Pyrometer                d) None of the above.

Ans:     B

Explanation:    The phenomenon of reflection of sound has been applied to measure the depth of the sea. The sound is produced from a place at a known distance from the reflecting body. The interval of time t during which echo reached the placed where a sound was produced is noted by a stopwatch. The velocity of sound is calculated by the formula. V=2d/t m/s.

Q5. When a bimetallic strip is heated it will:

a) Bend toward the metal with a higher thermal coefficient of expansion

b) Twist itself into a helix

c) Not bend at all

d) None of the above

Ans:     D

Explanation:    For higher temperature control, a bi-metallic thermostat is used. The bimetallic strip works as an electric contact breaker in an electric heating circuit. The circuit is broken when the desired temperature of the both is reached. Due to a difference in the coefficient of linear expansion of the two, when it is the metallic strips curved at the circuit broken. For when the bimetallic strip is heated it will bend toward the metal with lower thermal expansion coefficients.

Q6. Which of the following statements is/ are correct:

1) Carbon has tetravalency. It is atomic no. is six.

2) It is a metal.

3) Isoneutrons have same no of an electron.

4) pH of Human blood is slightly ‘basic’ .

Choose the correct options:

a) 1, 3 and 4                  b) 1 and 4                  c) 1, 2 and 3                d) All of the above.

Ans:     B

Explanation:    Carbon is a non-metal, whose atomic no. Is 6 and atomic mass is 12. IT has large no. of the compound. pH of human blood is slightly basic. Its pH value is 7.4. so it is basic in nature. The elements having same no. of electrons is known as Isoelectronic and same no. Of neutrons is known as Isoneutronic.

Q7. A Closed bottle containing water at 40°C has carried the moon in a spaceship. If it is placed on the surface of the moon what will happen to the water as soon as the lid is opened?

a) It will decompose into H2 and O                  b) Water will freeze

c) Water will boil                                              d) Nothing will happen to it

Ans:     C

Explanation:    On the surface of the moon, the pressure is much less than on earths surface, therefore water will boil as soon as the lid is opened. The boiling point decreases with decreasing the pressure. So option (c) is correct.

Q8. Consider the following statements and select the correct code:

1) Mercury thermometer can be used to measure temperature up to 360°.

2) Mercury has low specific heat and hence, it absorbs little heat from the body whose temperature is being measured.

a) Only 2 is correct                       b) Only 1 is correct

c) Both 1 and 2 correct                  d) Neither 1 nor 2 correct

Ans:     C

Explanation:    As the boiling point of mercury is about 360°C. Therefore it can be used to measure temperatures up to 360°C also option (2) is correct.

Q9. A cycle with well-inflated tires left in the sun sometimes has its tubes burst open. Which one of the following is a reason for this?

a) Both volume and pressure increases

b) The tube melt due to intense heat

c) The volume of air inside the tube increases

d) The pressure of air inside the tube is increases

Ans:     D

Explanation:    In this case, the volume remains constant and with increases in temperature pressure of air inside the tube increases. Pressure is inversely proportioned to temperature.

Q10. If a star emitted yellow light stars moving toward the earth its colors as seen from the earth will?

a) Turn bright yellow                  b) Turn gradually blue

c) Remain yellow                       d) Turn gradually white.

Ans:     B

Explanation: In this case, a source is moving toward the observer. According to Doppler effect, the apparent frequency will increases. Therefore, its color will gradually change from yellow to blue.



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