UPSC Booklist | Get IAS Booklist by Toppers

UPSC Civil Services Exam, the top Commissionerate Exam in India, to crack this exam is the desire of the most per cent of the youth population in India, to be a part of the country’s decision making authority, thus to realize the dream to get into a challenging and rewarding career. Yearly, changes are remodelled around it, based on UPSC Exam Trends, UPSC Syllabus, Pattern, Recruiting method etc. So, to succeed in this most prominent UPSC Civil Services Exam, the aspirant needs to be updated with the same. 

In order to crack UPSC Exams, as the aspirants are inexperienced, and there is a vast suggestion of UPSC book list available in market and online, most of them are confused about which UPSC books to study, what are the relevant current affairs topics, and like that many more questions arise in their mind. But if a UPSC Cleared topper explains about his/her UPSC book list then the task might be easier. 

Understanding this, …the Experts in Himalai IAS will show the way for it…You just need to keep track with us…the aspirants who are deep in it, and realizing they are not capable of preparing UPSC Booklist for themselves,… don’t worry ..You are in the right place…WE WILL GUIDE YOU….

As you know the first and foremost step towards UPSC civil services career is the UPSC Prelims exam 2020, for the best performance in UPSC Exam you should wisely select the study materials for UPSC preparation. So, before you go for the selection of books for UPSC Mains or to Books for UPSC Prelims keep in mind that the UPSC book lists should be concise and with a comprehensive strategy of UPSC preparation. 

If you are in touch with Himalai IAS toppers you can understand that each and every topper has followed a unique set of resources and books. Along with these quality resources, the method of following the toppers strategy will give you immense confidence within you during the UPSC preparation and to crack the UPSC Exams. 

Check out the links below, you can download the IAS Booklist by toppers through the link, go through it and stick with the same, follow the same along with your own resource list.

IAS Booklist by Toppers

Prepare your own UPSC Resource list

  • Mainly, the aspirants should follow UPSC Syllabus and IAS previous year question paper which you will get from the UPSC official ( site. 
  • Keep on revising the relevant and limited materials to crack the UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • Also, NCERT(6-12th STD), Advanced books and Value addition Materials(such as current affairs)

Are you preparing for IAS 2020?

If you are preparing for IAS 2020-21 or IAS 2021-22, by wisely utilising time and resources it’s worth spending time in standard books, which will be an add on for your preparation.

Currently, if you are preparing IAS 2020 and you are lacking time in your preparation, the suggested way is to go through the spectrum guides and previous year question papers. 

While preparing for IAS 2020, you should know each and every part of the UPSC Syllabus, which is provided in the UPSC official site. 

UPSC will not go beyond the provided syllabus. If you are covering the most part of the syllabus blending with the Current Affairs, it will give a hike in your IAS Preparation 2020. 

At Himalai IAS we are providing Concise syllabus oriented materials along with coaching. If you are interested contact us. Also, we are providing online classes which will be beneficial for daily preparation for the aspirants who are targeting IAS 2020.