Universal Health Coverage Day

 Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aims to celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day to bring awareness about healthcare for future generation to be fit and healthy for the country development. The theme of the day to educate the people, parents, children and students by highlighting the day in competitive exams like civil services exam- IAS exam, KAS exam syllabus and many others to educate about Universal Health Day.

Universal Health Coverage Day promoted by World Health Organization and celebrated on December 12. United Nations resolution calling for all nations to provide for their citizens affordable, quality health care. UHC is promoted as an instrument to help advance the more broadly endorsed a historic resolution urging all countries and to help advance the more broadly conceived human right to health.

  • UHC Day has become the annual rallying point for the growing global movement for health for all, which are based international agreements or widely-affirmed international documents.
  • United Nations unanimously endorsed a historic resolution towards universal health coverage as an essential priority for international development.
  • The UN high level summit on UHC to be held in 2019, requesting WHO and other relevant international organization the UN general assembly on improving international coordination and cooperation to address the needs.
  • The WHO and UNICEF survey in 2015 reported that 35% lacked the materials necessary for people to wash their hands effectively and 38% of healthcare facilities surveyed did not have access to basic water source.
  • International Universal Health Coverage day recognizes the role of partnerships such as UHC2030 to address the health needs of the most inclusive society through developing and sustaining UHC at the national level.
  • WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr Jaouad Mahjour ensures the right to health for all people and universal health coverage are two sides of the same coin. WHO day coincides with special events- anniversary establishment of WHO primary health care.
  • Universal health coverage includes the new Sustained Development Goals for 2015-2030 United Nations adopted. Health care is very rudimentary and does not include heroic interventions and and WaterAid reports national infrastructure in many nations cannot support first world healthcare delivery mechanisms.
  • Access to universal health coverage can prevent people from pushed into poverty because forced to pay the cost of their health care and welfare of millions of people, communities, particularly in low income countries.
  • International Universal coverage increases people’s opportunity to earn a living and work, reaching the children’s full academic potential and forms the basis for long term economic development.
  • New York adopted a UNGA resolution proclaiming 12th December as UHC Day, it request the Secretary-General to encourage member states to organize activities to commemorate the day. The meeting initiated by the Government of India timely and healthcare workers can’t keep facilities clean and prevent infections their ability to build safe, dignified, effective care is undermined.
  • The World Health Organization was founded on the principle people should realize their right to the highest possible level of health. It serves as a reminder to countries when they adopted then Sustainable Development Goals and steps to advance the health for all agenda.
  • The WHO Global programme of work is committed to provide health coverage to billion people by 2030 and preventing 50 million people from extreme poverty because of health care costs.
  • The Universal Health Day theme is to health coverage: everyone, everywhere and slogan is “Health for All”.