• Since 1960 Police Commemoration Day is observed on 21st October of every year as a remembrance to policemen who were killed in Ladakh during the border dispute between India and China in 1959.
  • Police day also serves as a tribute to all the police personnel who lost their lives on duty.
  • This year the Police commemoration day 2018 will be on 21st October, Sunday.

Police Commemoration Day History

  • In 1959 Indian police were in charge of safeguarding the 2,500-mile-long Indian border with Tibet.
  • From Hot Springs in North-Eastern Ladakh, three inspection teams were launched to support the Indian expedition to Lanak La southeastern boundary of Aksa Chin on October 20th, 1959.
  • Among the three inspection parties, members of two teams returned safely while the third went missing consisting of two police constable and a porter.
  • With the leadership of Shri Karam Singh, 20 personnel from Intelligent Bureau and CRPF mobilized next morning in search of the missing team with three sections of men on foot and DCIO (Deputy Central Intelligence Officer) on horseback.
  • On a hillock, the rescue team was attacked by Chinese Army personnel who open fired at them with no cover 10 policemen were killed and 7 were captured while other three escaped.
  • After 5 weeks of this incident, on November 28th, 1959 the remains of the 10 personnel were returned to Indian army by Chinese.
  • The crimination procedure was conducted with all Honors at the Hot spring and a memorial was erected at the same place in later years.
  • In 1960 the Annual Conference of Inspectors General of Police of States and Union Territories adopted the observance of the Police Commemoration Day in all police forces across the country.

Police Commemoration Day Activities

  • Many policemen trek to the police memorial at the Hot springs to pay their respect to the lost souls
  • Since 2012, every year Police commemoration day Parade is organized at the national level at Police memorial Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.
  • Police day is celebrated across the country with various activities conducted by police and civilian’s association.
  • Police day marathon will be conducted where civilians and police personnel will take part
  • Events are organized across the country to honor the outstanding policemen for their bravery and police personnel who lost their lives on duty.
  • Various activities like song competitions, drama, speeches are organized to encourage patriotism in school and college students.

The contribution of police to maintaining the peace and safety of everyone in the society is immense, Himalai IAS coaching salutes their bravery on Police Commemoration Day as a part of Our India Our Pride events.