UN Chief: World Must Prevent the Runway of Climatic Change

UN Secretary-General Antonio gave a Warning that the World is Facing “a direct existential threat” and must rapidly find a way to Shift from dependency on fossil fuels in a couple of years that it might be till 2020 to Prevent the ‘runaway Climate Change’

Guterres Called the Crisis Urgent and Decried Scarcity of the Lack of Global Leadership to address the Global Warning, He also said that People all over the world are experiencing extreme heatwaves Storms and floods and Such many other record-breaking temperatures which is Causing death and devastation.

In 2015 the world leaders have signed the Paris agreement to limit global temperature rises less than 2d degrees and as near as a Possible to 1.5 degree but according to the recent analysis the world is off track to achieve that target The upcoming COP 24 Summit is described by UN Chief which will be held in Polish City of Katowice

Next year, in the United Nation, the Climate Summit will be held to Known the achievements and failures of the Paris agreement

What are fossil fuels

Fossil fuel Contains a large amount of Carbon and it includes the Petroleum, Coal and natural gas, Fossil fuels are formed by the natural processes basically the fossil fuels biology is like the fuel is dived from  ancient Plants and animals, fossil fuels are burned to obtain the Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which is the main cause of global warming

Following Provided are the types of fossil fuels

  1. coal: It is an Organic Sedimentary rock which is flammable and black or Brown in color
  2. Natural Gas: It is the mixer of hydrogen gases which mainly consist of methane(CH4)
  3. Crude oil: It includes all the liquid hydrogen Fossil Fuels and the most common type of fuel obtained through this oil is (LPG) and Petroleum
  4. Petroleum: It is a fuel consist of liquid Organic Compounds and hydrocarbons
  5. Liquefied Petroleum gas: This fuel is in its liquid form and is stored under modest pressures

The list of fossil fuel list is on going but the above presented are some Prime fossil fuel example

 Uses of fossil fuels list are provided below

  1. Electricity: Half the electricity in the United States is Provides by alone coal.
  2. Heating: oil and natural gas are basically used for name and Industrial applications
  3. Transportation: Gasoline and diesel are the forms where oil Supplies 99% of the energy for cars  Many other Fossil fuel uses can be explored Accordingly.

The Following Some of the fossil fuel advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of fossil fuels are:

  • To Generate the huge amount of electricity
  • Gas and oil transportation to the Power Station

The fossil fuels disadvantages are

  • Pollution is a major disadvantage and the also reason for the cause of Global Warming
  • Coal Produces carbon dioxide which is the main reason for the acid rain