Some of the Ultimate KAS and IAS Preparation Tips

Every civil service exam comes with big bowls of head stunts. To get started with civil service preparation you must first look for the right channelization integrated with proper guidance. Since this examination is a career nonpareil and cannot be compared with other jobs, in order to aspire for this golden service, there is a need to prepare for these exams in a very patient and smart manner.

Are you weighed down by the stress of clearing the civil service examination? Is serving the society your dream? Are you confused with how to start the preparation? Himalai, one of the best institutes for IAS Coaching has come up with some of the ultimate IAS and KAS preparation tips. Here we go:

  • Plan it out : This might sound like the most cliché tip, but planning is really the first step towards a shining career. Clarity of thought also makes one confident and gives a sense that dreams are within reach.
  • Work smart and give mock tests : Smart work could mean reading selective but reading well, taking mock tests, proper time management, making micro notes, mixing books and notes, reading many books selectively, etc. Mock tests build exam momentum which may really help at later stages.
  • Analyse for yourself : Whether you self-study or take coaching for preparation, you need to assess your strong and weak subjects. Giving ample mock tests will time and again let you know where you need to work harder.
  • Try single-tasking, it’s more efficient than multi-tasking : Chunk down all of your preparation subjects (current affairs, mental ability, geography, history, etc.); pick one subject and combine which you should cover for some time daily. Schedule a particular time and make a limited strategy for every subject and once you have started one see it through its completion.
  • Be updated : As far as the syllabus for your paper is concerned, you cannot afford to be oblivious to latest paper patterns and syllabus additions.
  • Go through past papers : A look at the question papers of past few years will not just familiarize you with the paper pattern but will also show what subjects/areas are given more weightage than others.
  • Make terse notes : Comprehensive notes really help in last moment preparation. Scrappy notes will only add to your addled anxious state. So learn to take and exchange copious notes which will also help you with practicing.
  • Adopt the just in time approach : You don’t need an overdose of information to crack the civil service examination and so JIT (Just In Time) approach will help you to acquire knowledge only when required at that moment. Applied to preparation don’t try to constantly refer vast topics rather look for something miscellaneous which covers all-in-one to lose you out from the information maze.
  • Test yourself constantly : Like mentioned before about the JiT approach, this helps to continuously evaluate yourself. So, instead of waiting to take a mock test, you can evaluate yourself right after finishing a specific section on a topic.

Civil Services exam training in Bangalore is very much focused on the requirement based on latest UPSC patterns. This approach helps aspirants to pace in the right direction and get an advantage over mock tests, analysis, and of peer learning and competition.

The tips discussed above by Himalai will render you all corners of insights on how to plan for your examination draws near. It will help you walk your first step towards the goal and be with you till you reach your goal.