Smart Fencing(CIBMS) Along the Indo-Pak International Border in Jammu

Smart Fencing Project Pilot Implementation along the International Border of Indo-Pak Hosted by Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh. Home Minister Said that Indian Government has taken many number of Precautions to make the border of the country more secure with the maximum utilization of technology to make the security system at the border stronger and Effective.

Two Projects in 5Km areas each have been installed along the Indo-Pak International Border in Jammu on a Pilot Basis. This Project will reduce the stress level among the Soldiers to large extent, This will solve Causalities of our Soldiers on borders. Now Our Borders will be very safe, It makes impossible for the terrorists to enter the borders. Around 2,026KM Making Border Making border Security with Digital Fencing Technology with the Installation of Digital fencing Ground Patrolling by troops will Considerably be Reduced.

This Smart Border Projects Build Under Comprehensive Integrated Border management system(CIBMS) Programme, This is the first kind in the country, these two projects each covering 5.5KM Border Stretch along the Border Stretch along the Border will have hi-tech Surveillance System.

This Security would create an invisible electronic  barrier on land, water, air and even in underground to give utmost security. It uses Various devices for surveillance, data storage and communication. Devices like Thermal Imager, UGS, Fiber Optical Sensors, Radar, Sonar have been mounted on different platforms like Aerostat, tower, poles etc. A comprehensive integration of such sensors and other technical systems of communication and data processing have been achieved in the CIBMS project. The signals reach the Unified Command and Control Centre where the BSF can monitor the border on real-time basis. The CIBMS enables round-the-clock surveillance on border and under different weather conditions be it in dust storm, fog or rain.