Shri Dharmendra Pradhan emphasizes on a clean, efficient and affordable mobility system

About 10,000 CNG stations to be in place; Bio-ATF and Bio-CNG policies to be formulated

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, The Union Minister of Petroleum an Natural Gas and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has emphasized on a clean affordable and efficient Mobility System.

In his opening remark at the Global Mobility Summit on 8 September 2018, he said that even though the changing global trends i India the Consumption of Petrol and Diesel is Growing in Exam of 5% per Annam

.Whatsoever might be he Scenario of the Growth in Electric Vehicle, To obtain Cleaner emission India still needs higher refining capacities.

India will Bounce from BS-IV to BS-VI Standard from the month of April of this year NCT of Delhi has already switched to the better fuel for commercial heavy vehicles Government has already implemented fuel efficiency norms said by Sri Pradha.

When Consideration of CNG,LNG and Bio-CNG there are few plans to have about 10 thousand CNG Station within a decade which would Cover Over half of the Country

Shri pradhan also Spoke on the issue of Promoting LNG as a fuel for distance transportation he also informed the efforts taken by the Public Sector oil Companies and Some Private enterprises in Setting up LNG distribution infrastructure

He also said that 10 Bio-refineries are being Set up and also looking forward to achieve 10% ethanol blending Soon, the Policies of Bio-ATF and Bio-CNG will also be formulated

Delhi Government ad Indian oil has tied up to introduce 50 Hydrogen enriched by CNG buses by next year In the session, Mr Graham Stuart, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, UK, Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister for Health and Transport, Singapore and Mrs Sindisiwe Chikunga, Deputy Minister of Transport, South Africa also participated. All of them defined the trends and development in the mobility sector in their respective Countries

Mr Stuart appreciated the Indian Government’s efforts to provide LPG and Electricity to a large number of citizens.