Sanskrit Day

Sanskrit Day and Its Celebration

  • Sanskrit day is also called as Sanskrit Diwas,In 2018 Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated on 26th of August.
  • Sanskrit day is Observed on the Poornima tithi starts on 25th of august from 03.16 pm and continues till 5.25pm of the next day, 26th of august.  Still it is mainly celebrated of 26th of August.
  • To share the greatness and importance of this language World Sanskrit day is organized.
  • National Sanskrit day was first seen in the year of 1969 and is celebrated every year on the full moon day or poornima day of the holy month of Shravana.
  • This is based on Hindu lunar calendar and as per the date in normal calendar, it keeps on varying every year.
  • On Sanskrit day speech, lectures, Seminars, workshop and other events are organized to promote the usage of this language and to incorporate in academics and in day to day life.
  • It needs an existence outside the boundaries of worship and rituals.
  • Our next generation should know about Sanskrit as the foundations for the languages we use today.
  • Sanskrit day as a part of Our India- Our Pride events from Himalai we want to create an awareness to enrich Sanskrit as the root of all Indian languages.

A brief History about Sanskrit:

  • Sanskrit in its original form is ‘Samskruth’ which literally means well prepared or polished language.
  • Sanskrit language has a history of 3500 years and is one of the oldest scripts.
  • Vedic Sanskrit can be dated back to 2nd millennium BCE with Rig-Veda as the written evidence.
  • This Vedic Sanskrit evolved to form classic Sanskrit which is used in many of Hindu Sanskrit Shlok and scriptures.

Importance of Sanskrit:

It is the philosophical language for many religions like Hinduism, Jainism etc., Great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata were originally written in classic Sanskrit. It also has vast influence on many other languages.

Sanskrit can be called mother of all Indian languages. Our national language Hindi is Incarnation from Sanskrit. Many other Indian languages directly use Sanskrit grammar and vocabulary as the base. It is even said some of English words are derived from Sanskrit.

Sanskrit Language Extinction:

The Sanskrit language is at the verge of extinction, only 1% of Indians are using this language and that to as Sanskrit Shlokas and Pooja Vidhi.  It was eminently used in ancient India but it has become a protected schedule language. It is rarely spoken for common conversations. A language which was used all around the country is now an official language for single state, Uttarakhand.