Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day celebrates to ensure the responsible use of online technologies. Every year the Safer Internet Day celebrates on 11th February. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore spread awareness about social responsibility current events for the civil service exams like IAS exams, KAS exams, IES exams, and other competitive exams.To know more about  about UPSC exams click here.

Specifically, this year’s Safer Internet Day 2020  taking place on Tuesday, 11th February 2020.

What is the Internet?

The interconnection of computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide is called the internet. 

History of the Internet

  • On January 1, 1983, ARPANET adopted TCP/IP and from there, researchers began to assemble the “network of networks” that became the modern Internet.
  • Further, from 1990, the online world became more recognizable when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.
  • In order to spread awareness of the Safer Internet Day concept, an awareness program started in 2009.

Safer Internet Day Theme

In particular, Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally under the Safer Internet Day theme “Together for a better Internet”.

About Safer Internet Day:

  • The Internet has been an amazing invention undoubtedly change the world positively. 
  • The Internet is to connect people faster and to find things easier to transfer information at high speed.
  • Besides, Safer Internet Day (SID) is by the joint Insafe-INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission.
  • Further, Safer Internet Day came into existence in 2012, officially decided by the US Department.
  • After all, Together for a better internet is the Safer Internet Day theme 2019.

The Agenda of Safer Internet Day:

  • The event of Safer Internet Day aims to spread awareness on different themes that usually involve how users, especially younger folks, should use the internet. Practices young should exercise to avoid online threats and how to utilize the internet in the right way to avoid cybercrime.
  • The Internet cause was a start as an initiative by EU Safe Borders.
  • Firstly, the event was celebrated in the EU region(Europe Union Region). Later it also is celebrated in other regions across the globe to spread awareness.
  • To promote internet threats, safety measures over 1,000 organizations take part in the event deeming it their responsibility across worldwide.
  • Every year Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues.

In short, Himalai IAS Coaching Centre spread awareness about social responsibility, current events by celebrating Safer Internet Day as a part of Our India With World Events