Every year Railway police force foundation day or the RPF raising day is celebrated on 20th September, to commemorate the day when Railway Police Force (RPF) was included to central armed force in 1985.

RFF operates under the authority of Ministry of Railways and is responsible for the security of passengers and railway property of Indian Railways. Railway protection force has the authority to arrest and prosecute criminals.

History of RPF

  • The history of RPF can be traced back to British Raj when east India railways appointed ‘Police’ to create a fault-free security system for railways which was under the control of private railway companies.
  • In 1872 a separate government police force was deployed as per the railway police committee’s advice and private railway police continued to safeguard their infrastructure and properties.
  • During the First World War, this police force was reorganized into ‘Watch and ward’ and operated under a single supervision.
  • In 1954 ‘Watch and ward’ was reformed to ‘Railway security force’ with limited legal power.
  • On August 29, 1957, the RPF bill was approved, Railway Protection Force act was legislated and the railway security force was renamed as ‘Railway protection force’ who work as the second line to state police force.
  • For the proper protection of Railway property, RPF was given legal powers in 1966, the RPF Act was modified into Act No.60, on 20th September 1985 and RPF was combined into the central armed police force.

Some Functions of RPF

  • The primary function of RPF is to safeguard railway passengers, passenger area and Railway properties and be cautious of criminal acts like women and child trafficking or smuggling and take appropriate action for prevention.
  • Coordinate with various departments of government and get an update in technology, management, and administration to improve the efficiency of RPF operations.

RPF Foundation day Celebrations

  • As a part of raising day celebration, many events are organized by RPF all over the nation.
  • Awareness programs are created and the passenger-friendly information is distributed RPF staff.
  • Parades, tree plantation events, and other activities are organized at school premises.
  • Cleanliness is promoted in Railway properties and RPF residential area.
  • Seminars and exhibitions are held educating about the History and roles of RPF.
  • Eminent RPF Officers and staffs are honored with awards for their outstanding contributions to the society.

RPF ensures that millions of passenger travel with safety and comfort, Himalai wants to salute RPF work and dedication on this ‘Railway Protection force foundation day’ as a part of Our India with World events.