For a lot of students, the process of IAS exam preparation is like boiling the ocean. Some don’t even venture into the stream for its sheer vastness in terms of the syllabus. In such a scenario, the most significant obstacle that one encounters is: whence to begin? What is important and what is not? What should be the priority and what should not be? How to go about the revision for the same? Usually, those who do not plan a layout, fail to make sense of anything and end up either calling off the exam or botching it up. We at Himalai IAS Classes have come up with some important tips for aspiring IAS candidates.

It is important to remember that civil services require you to lay your hands on all knowledge material pertaining to the upcoming world. You cannot leave any page unturned if you want to ace the exam. If you can manage to wade your way through such a preparation allowing for a stress-free ambiance, you are likely to carry forth your demanding duties as an IAS officer gracefully. But for this you require a proper guide and guidance from the guide how to proceed in the correct direction.

As a beginner level though you need to be alert about examination and registration dates and know in advance what all qualifications you need to possess. You should have all the information that will help you start your preparations for the same. Once, you know a set date/period of time on which your examination(s) would take place you can begin by making a detailed plan layout. Depending on the duration you give yourself for preparation (a year, six months, etc.) make pragmatic targets to complete your daily goals. Yes, you need to make daily, weekly and monthly goals if you want your preparations to go on smoothly. An exam like IAS will tend to screw up your mental health, but you need to tackle it smartly.

Referring to multiple books can obfuscate learning. Instead, seeking advice from a good source, buy one or two books per subject. Books which cover the maximum topics would be preferable. Further, do not leave notes making for the end. Reading, understanding and making notes should go hand in hand.

IAS preparation cannot happen with you isolating yourself from the world. Apart from your theoretical base, you need to be aware of current happenings in and around the globe. Once you clear Prelims you can delve deeper into your subjects as the paper would no longer be objective. After plunging deep into your course material and clearing your written examination, you don’t want to miss out on the interview. Flaunt off your leadership skills and become the torch bearer for the unenlightened. If you still have any unanswered queries, do check our website www.himalaiiasclasses.comfor more information. Himalai IAS classes are one of the best IAS coaching centers in Bangalore. Feel free to talk to us if you need further guidance.