PIB (27/06/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam

Space Policy

  •  Presently a ‘Space Activities Bill’ is being prepared, which is under pre-authoritative discussions. India is a State Party to UN Treaties on Outer Space exercises.
  • Ensuring the establishment of the Space Activities Act, space exercises of non–legislative area in India would be approved through a permit issued by the Government on specific terms and conditions.


Correspondence contraptions to angling vessels

  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has given 250 NavIC Messaging Receivers (NMR) to anglers of Kerala separately on a preliminary premise.
  • ISRO/Antrix has assumed up the liability of giving NavIC gadgets on preliminary premise. Around 200 gadgets for Tamil Nadu and 250 gadgets for Kerala are dispersed.

Indigenous GPS

  • India’s own provincial route satellite framework named “Route with Indian Constellation (NavIC)” is built up by ISRO and is practical from April 2018 onwards.
  • ISRO has finished all the essential arrangements as to the foundation of Space Segment (as of now Eight IRNSS satellites are in a circle) and Ground Segment (spread crosswise over India).

Power Generation Through Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear Energy Commission (AEC) set up in 1958, is the summit body in regards to the utilization of atomic vitality, it defines the approach of the Department of Atomic Energy in all issues concerning atomic vitality.
  • The Government has intended to build the introduced limit base of atomic power in the nation for expanded power creation from atomic power.


New National Rubber Policy

  • The Department of Commerce drew out the National Rubber Policy in March 2019 and incorporated a few arrangements to help the Natural Rubber (NR) creation area.
  • NRP depends on the present moment and long haul systems recognized by the Task Force established in the elastic division for relieving issues looked by elastic producers in the nation.

Draft web-based business Policy

  •  A draft National web-based business arrangement has been arranged and put in open space. This arrangement tends to expansive zones of the internet business biological system viz.
  • Because of the draft Policy, remarks of various remote governments have been gotten, including the US Government hailing issues of US organizations.


Execution of IFLADP

  • RD sub-conspire gives help to Placement Linked Skill Development preparing to jobless people @ Rs. 15,000 for every individual, for expertise up-degree preparing.
  • Under this sub-plot, help is accommodated up-gradation/establishment of Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) @ 70% of the venture cost subject to the furthest reaches of Rs. 200 crore.

Indo-French Joint Naval Exercise

  •  The use for the equivalent was met out of in general income consumption of the Indian Navy. 7 maritime resources and their group took part in the activities.
  •   Indian Navy has been drawing in with agreeable remote nations in territories of multilateral activities, preparing and limit building, hydrography, and Human Assistance.


Indian Agencies to update the current dangers presented by Illicit Financial Flows

  • The  Ministry of Finance is facilitating a Meeting of Expert Working Group on Paris Pact Initiative on Illicit Financial Flows getting from the dealing of Opiates starting in Afghanistan.
  • Service of Finance is facilitating a Meeting of Expert Working Group on Paris Pact Initiative on Illicit Financial Flows getting from the dealing of Opiates starting in Afghanistan.

Sex Composition of Police Force

  • According to information on Police Organization incorporated by Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) out of the real quality of 19,41,473 of police faculty in States/UTs as on 01.01.2018,
  • The Center likewise issues warnings to the States for expanding the number of ladies in the police powers up to 33% in the States.


An India-Vietnam joint effort in e-Governance

  • Mr. Tran Van Tuy, Central Party Committee and Deputy Head of the Party’s Central Committee’s Commission for Organization met K. V. Eapen, Secretary Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.
  • Mr. Tran Van Tuy said that as a follow-up to the present discourses, an assignment of Vietnamese authorities would be sent to India to think about the imaginative ways to deal with e-Governance and grow further cooperation.


Kid Care Allowance for Divyang Women

  • Endless supply of the proposals of the 7th Central Pay Commission, the rates of exceptional remittance for ladies with incapacities has been expanded from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000 per month for childcare.
  • This unique recompense will pay for a limit of  2 oldest enduring youngsters and would be consequently raised by 25% each time the Dearness Allowance on the reconsidered pay structure goes up by half.

Vistadome Coaches

  • Sumptuous mentors with discriminatory limitation named as Vistadome mentors having all-encompassing perspective have been presented. A portion of these mentors has an infotainment framework too.
  • The glass windows of the BG Vistadome mentors fabricated in Integral Coach Factory/Chennai have overlaid glass sheets that won’t break.


Occasional Labor Force Survey

  • This Ministry has propelled another standard business joblessness overview, to be specific, Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS) during April 2017 with specific changes in review strategy.
  •  Government has made different strides for creating work in the nation like empowering the private part of the economy, optimizing different undertakings including significant venture and expanding open use.