PIB (13/08/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam


Organisations set by Dr Vikram Sarabhai becomes the centre of Expertise today says, Dr K Sivan

  • The celebration of the birth ceremony of the founder and father of ISRO – Dr Vikram Sarabhai started in Ahmedabad today in the existence of officials from ISRO, Department of Atomic Energy Department of Space, and Sarabhai Family members.
  • PM Modi told Dr Homi Bhabha’s death had developed a vacuum in the world of Indian science. At that point, Vikram Sarabhai came up with a new dimension to science with his amazing leadership quality and skills.
  • At the introductory programme, a book on the life story of Dr Vikram Sarabhai, a table book and coffee on ISRO and honourable coin from Department of Atomic Energy was released. ‘


Shri Kiren Rijiju grants the National Youth Awards for perfect work and contribution

  • Union Minister Kiren Rijiju granted the National Youth Awards, today on individuals (aged b/w 15-29 years) and institutions for participation in different fields. The fields are an improvement in social service, society service, promotion of rights of human, health, lively citizenship, etc.
  • The goal of the awards given by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports is to encourage young people to excel in the field of social service and national development.
  • The National Youth Awards ceremony is one such programme. He highlighted that India is a young nation filled with enormous capability. The growth of the nation is in the hands of youth who can shape its future.


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