PIB (12/08/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam


Ministry of knowledge and Broadcasting hosts the event

  • Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu has aforesaid that repeal of Article 370 is within the interest of the state. Speaking at a perform, to unharness a book titled “Listening, Learning and Leading” chronicling his 2 years in workplace as VP, Shri. Naidu aforesaid repeal of Article 370 mustn’t be thought of as a political issue.
  • Recalling the Government’s move in transfer the bill for repeal of the article within the Rajya Sabha, VP aforesaid once views of the cross section of the polity within the higher house was detected, the bill once correct vetting was lapsed the house with a 2 third’s majority.
  • Union Minister for Home Affairs Shri. Amit crowned head in his address aforesaid he powerfully believes that Article 370 would bring coercion to associate degree finish and can take Jammu and Kashmir forward within the path of development.


Ethanol, 2-G ethanol, CBG and Biodiesel will help in cutting down import reliance, says the pastor

  • The Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan today discharged the Expression for Interest (EOI) by National Oil Marketing Companies (IOC, HPCL and BPCL) for acquisition of Biodiesel, produced using Used Cooking Oil(UCO).
  • The EOI on Bio Diesel from UCO gives that the business visionaries setting up Biodiesel plants get profitable cost and confirmation of complete offtake of creation by the Oil organizations.
  • The Health Minister underscored on authorization, instructing and bringing issues to light about dangers of over and again utilizing cooking oil, other than offering motivating forces for arranging it in beneficial, helpful and safe way.



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