PIB (10/05/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam

Finance Commission meets Bankers and Financial Institutions in Mumbai

The Chairman, Shri N.K. Singh, Members and Senior Officials of the 15th Finance Commission met a large group of Bankers and Heads of Financial Institutions in Mumbai. Salient points raised by banks during their meeting with 15th Finance Commission on 9th May 2019.

  • In the context of making the borrowing costs of State Governments aligned to their fiscal and governance fundamentals, the Automatic Debit Mechanism which is currently in vogue and the need for introducing rating of all public sector borrowers including States was discussed by the bankers.
  • The bankers also mentioned that it is important to take a view on the total public sector borrowing requirements, as opposed to the narrowly defined Union and State fiscal deficits, to improve fiscal transparency and to ensure that markets get clear signals of the fund requirements of the public sector, ex ante.


15th Finance Commission concludes its two-day visit to Mumbai

  • The 15th Finance Commission addressed the media in Mumbai today, briefing them about the discussions that took place in the Commission’s meetings with RBI, banks and eminent economists during the Commission’s two-day visit to the city during May 8 – 9, 2019.
  • Gatherings have honed the Commission’s understanding on a portion of the key things that should be remembered for proceeded with macroeconomic steadiness.
  • The Commission has already visited 20 out of the 29 states. Visits to the remaining states will commence after the Model Code of Conduct period is over.”

IN Ships Kolkata and Shakti undertake Group Sail with Naval Ships of Japan, Philippines and the USA

  • INShips Kolkata and Shakti carried out Group Sail with naval ships of Japan, Philippines and the United States of America in the South China Sea from 03 May to 09 May 19.
  • The ships undertook various exercises en route which included formation manoeuvering, underway replenishment runs, cross-deck flying and exchange of Sea Riders.
  • INShips are on return passage from their successful deployment to South and East China Seas as part of the annual Eastern Fleet Over Seas Deployment.

CBIC organises meeting of Regional Heads of Customs Administration of Asia Pacific Region of the WCO in Kochi

  • CBIC is organising a meeting of the Regional Heads of Customs Administration of Asia Pacific Region of the WCO in Kochi from 08thto 10th May, 2019.
  • The meeting will check out the advancement being made in conveying forward the projects and activities of WCO to advance, encourage and secure the cross-fringe exchange the area and the limit building and specialized help required to accomplish this objective.
  • Mr Das featured the key spotlight territories on which impressive accentuation ought to be put, for example, usage of exchange help measures, cross-outskirt web based business exchanges, building limit of little island economies and the on-going audit of the RKC.

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