World Bio-Fuel Day

HImalai Wishing World Bio-Fuel day – A Step towards Social Responsibility.

The August 10 every year is celebrated as ‘World Bio fuel Day’ to create the awareness of benefits of Bio-fuel. As a part of celebration campaigns are conducted by Ministry of Petroleum and natural gas in many districts of the country. The awareness camp aims to educate Youth, farmers and other related personals about the advantages of Bio-fuel.

Bio Fuels Creates Jobs, Forests Economic Growth, Supports farmers and helps improve energy security for Country

Few Benefits of Bio Fuel

• Bio-fuel is produced from agriculture products that are unfit for human consumption and municipal waste.
• It is 100% environmental friendly and will help in pollution control.
• It will reduce carbon emission and crop burning, which will bring down green house effect.
• The production of Bio-fuel will support farmers and an economic way for waste disposal.
• Provides energy security for the country.
• It will also boost employment opportunity for youth.

For Domestic use, Transportation and other energy necessities 80% of imported crude oil is used. In a Aim to reduce 10% crude import by 2022, the Ministry has released a policy to help farmers in disposal of organic waste in an economical way by producing Bio- fuels. Funding of Rs 5000 crore is expected for R & D of advanced Ethanol refineries for a duration 6 years. Ministry aims to produce 150 crore liters of Bio-fuel in one to two years, which will provide a profit of Rs 4000 crore.

From ministry of transport to promote the use of greener and cleaner transportation, Public transport driven by Bio fuels and electricity with flexi engines is released. In Nagpur 50 Buses uses 100% Bio fuel for energy and 50 buses run on CNG produced from sewage water. Use of bio fuel has many benefits from Himalai we want create its awareness too.