National Technology Day 

May 11th, 2019, Saturday

The National Technology Day features the need for entrepreneurship spirit. Which provides a cost-effective solution to India’s development problems.  

Every year as part of world technology day celebrations, the Indian Government rewards several innovators and entrepreneurs for their outstanding achievements.  

The significance of National Technology Day on May 11th

May 11th represents a significant milestone in the Indian technological innovations history. That is on this day in the year 1998, India successfully tested nuclear bombs in Pokhran. So, we celebrate National technology day to commemorate this historic day.

Moreover, on this day in Bangalore the very first indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” took a test ride. Also, India successfully tests fired the Trishul missile. So from the year 1999, May 11th became the ‘National Technology Day’.      

Why Technology day is celebrated?  

Every year, the Technology Development Board organizes the National Technology Day celebration on behalf of the Ministry of Science & Technology. Indian Technology Day is an occasion represents India’s technological development and creativity. Also, it symbolizes India’s innovations on national socio-economic gains and international presence.

This day bridges the gap between the researchers and common people. Also, the Indian government awards the efforts of scientists in finding solutions for everyday problems. So, encourages other technocrats and companies to follow their footsteps.       

National Technology Day Theme

Every year, the Indian government sets a National Technology Day theme to unite and share all the technology day celebration. The National technology day 2018 theme was ‘Commercialising Indigenous Technologies: Journey from Beachside to Business Programme’.

National Awards of Technology Development Board

On National Technology Day, the Technology Development Board (TDB) honors the achievements of Researchers. These researcher’s innovations which they successfully commercialized and make it reach the people for the betterment of the society.  

Also to encourage and nurture the budding innovations, the Indian Government gives awards to build healthy competitions. So, we achieve our cherished vision of developed India. India first gave the awards in the year 1999. Which was for the successful commercialization of indigenous technology. Since then, the Indian government has added two more awards to the list.   

TDB has clearly divided the awards into two categories:

  • As mentioned above, TBD gives the first award for the successful commercialization of indigenous technology to an Industrial Concern. In this first category, the prize includes a trophy and cash of 25 lakhs. It is given for successful development and commercializing an unknown technology. If the developer and commercialize are different, then the award will be given for both of them.        
  • The next award is given to the starts up which has the technological potential for commercialization. It is given for Micro Small & Medium Enterprises for successfully commercializing an indigenous product. The award will include Rs. 15 lakh cash prize and a trophy.   

National technology day gives us an opportunity to recognize and encourage great minds who have potential. Let us join hands to celebrate the achievements of Indian Innovations and Technological excellence. Himalai IAS coaching spreads this message on this National Technology day as a part of our India with our pride events.    

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