• National Sports Day in India is celebrated yearly on 29th of August, to commemorate birth date of Dhyan Chand.
  • Dhyan Chand is a legend in hockey not only for India but also for the world.
  • National sports day 2018 is celebrated on August 29th 2018.
  • On this day India celebrates the spirit of the sportsmanship and to honor sportsmen who have took India to new heights in internationally sports competition.
  • Many schools celebrated it as school sports day with various competitions and activities like national sports day speech essay and more.

Major Dhyan Chand Legacy:

  • Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August 1905 in Allahabad.
  • Dhyan Chand’s father was in British army.
  • Dhyan chand also joined the Indian army at the age of 16 and then started playing hockey.
  • Dhyan chand was nicknamed as ‘A Magician’ or ‘A Wizard’ for his incredible skill in ball control.
  • Dhyan Chand was a three time gold medal winner in Olympics.
  • He was a great contributor for the golden era of Indian Men’s hockey from 1928 to 1964, where India won 7 gold medals in 8 Olympics.
  • He became the captain of Indian hockey team in 1934 and won many matches in his leadership. In his career, he has scored over 400 goals.

Awards and Achievements of Dhyan chand:

  • The awards and achievement of Dhyan Chand still remains as highest in Indian sports.
  • Dhyan Chand was awarded the prestigious ‘Padma Bushan’ award.
  • National Stadium of Delhi is named after him and a postal stamp dedicated to him was also released.
  • He retired from the Army at the age of 51 as a major and coached National Hockeyteam for later years.
  • His final days were in his hometown Jhansi and his death was on 3rd December 1979.

National Sports Day Celebration:

  • On this day sports persons are awarded Arjun award, Rajiv Gandhi KhelRatna, Dhronacharya award by President of India at RashtrapathiBhavan.
  • Dhyan Chand award is given as a lifetime achievement award for sportsmen for their contribution during their careen and after retirement too.
  • In schools and colleges sports completions are organized as annual sports day.
  • Many events are organized to encourage youngsters to take interest in sports.
  • Marathons, walkathons and other sports are organized to promote the importance sports in every individual’s life.

International Sports Day Celebration:

Many other nations celebrate national Sports and health day to promote healthy lifestyle among its population. It is a National holiday and educational events are organized for encouraging sports participation.

  • Japan’s National Health and Sports day is celebrated on second Monday of October every Year since 2000, before it was held on October 10th.
  • Iraq celebrates on 17th October and is celebrated for a whole week.
  • Qatar national sports day is held on second Tuesdays of February
  • Malaysia started celebrating sports day from 2015 and second Saturday of October month is celebrated as National sports day known as ‘HariSukan Negara’.

Participating in a sports requires passion and dedication, which are the key features for achievement in any field. Encouraging young generation in sports not only provides healthy lifestyle but also improves sportsmanship and leadership qualities. National sports day as a part of Our India-Our pride events of Himalai, we want to encourage passionate people in sports to represent our India in world sports.

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