National Solidarity Day

National solidarity day is celebrated on 20th October every year to remember the national integrity shown by Indian on the occasion in defeat at Sino- Indo war against China.

  • 20th October 1962 the war began when people liberation army of China attacked India at the Himalayan borders in Ladakh and Arunachal simultaneously.
  • This became a wake-up call for India to establish an efficient armed force for border security.
  • National Solidarity day is a reminder to all Indians of the significance of unity and integrity in protecting our nation.
  • This year National solidarity day 2020 will be on 20th October 2020, Tuesday.

 Sino-Indo War

  • After regaining their Independence there was a constant boundary dispute between China and India as there was no clear border separation.
  • China claimed Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh as its territories in their maps and even rejected to acknowledge McMohan Line which separates India and China border in the east.
  • In 1956 India and China signed the Five Principle agreement to conduct peaceful trading between the India, Tibet, and China regions (Hindi- Chini Bhai Bhai)
  • In 1958 India officially stated that Aksai chin is marked as its territory.
  • India sheltered the Dalai Lama after the failed Tibet uprising at China in 1959 and declared asylum for him.
  • The border dispute worsened over the years and in 1961 India launched a forward policy for creating outpost and cutting the supplies of China.
  • Many reasons lead the synchronous attack of China on India borders, where India was heavily outnumbered with approximately 10,000 soldiers against 80,000 Chinese armed forces.
  • The war lasted for 3 weeks and one day that is till November 21st, India lost around 3250 soldiers and China about 722.
  • China ceasefire after gaining a territory of Aksai Chin which is cold desert, a roadway was built on it to connect Tibet.
  • Many accusations were made on Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s leadership and India’s ill- preparations for war.
  • The defeat of the Sino-Indo war made India realize the importance of armed forces, many changes were made like weapon advancements, nuclear weapon tests, policies revisal and more which reformed the Indian defense systems
  • The border dispute still exists between India and China, due to the interdependence of economies the dispute is withheld.

Indian Solidarity day

  • In 1966 a prestigious committee constituting Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and other dignitaries decided to dedicate 20th October as National Solidarity Day annually as a reminder of Indo-China war.
  • It’s a day to remember the brave hearts who sacrificed the lives to safeguard the country.
  • Thousands of Indians pledge to preserve the freedom and integrity of our India on this day.
  • Many schools, colleges, NCC meeting organize activities that encourage the patriotism in the young generation.
  • Over the years the celebration of this day which signifies a much need cause has diminished. There is a need for awareness about the importance of this day and its celebration.

“India is a land of diversity in culture, languages, religion and more but what unites us is our patriotism and love for our nation” Himalai IAS coaching wants to create an awareness on this National Solidarity Day 2020 as a part of Our India Our Pride Events.