Small scale Industry:

Small scale industries are privately owned small corporations or manufactures with limited resources and man power. Small scale industries contribute local employment opportunities and also increase industrial productivity and exports, which has a significant impact on the Indian economy.

Types of small scale Industry based on investments

Industry Manufacturing Sector Service sectors
Micro Less than 25 lakh Less than 10 lakh
Small More than 25 lakh, Less than 5 crore More than 10 lakh, Less than 2 crore
Medium More than 5 crore, Less than ten crore More than 2 crore, Less than 5 crore

List of small scale industries in India:

There are 21 major small scale industries in India and over 7500 products are manufactured. Few of them are listed below

  1. Cotton Textiles
  2. Electrical & Machinery Parts
  3. Food Products
  4. Chemical Products
  5. Rubber & Plastic Products
  6. Metal Products
  7. Wood Products
  8. Paper Products & Printing
  9. Leather & Leather Products
  10. Beverages and Tobacco

There are many benefits of small scale industry; verities of products can be manufactured, while encouraging hidden talent and skills of local workmanship. It provides rural employment, rural region development and reduces population migration to urban cities. Maximum utilization of land space and local resources is achieved.

Survival of these small scale industries have become difficult and proper support is needed for them. They face many difficulties like cutthroat competition, lack of investment. Some of them even don’t know market value for their product is and how to market them. There is also a need for educating them of latest technology and digital e- commerce which can help them to survive.

National Small Industry day:

40% of the gross output of products in India is supplied by small scale industries; it plays an important role in Indian development. Recognizing this Indian government announced a policy for supporting small scale industry on 30th August 2000 and decided to celebrate National Small Industry day or National industrial Day on 30th August annually.

On this Small Scale Industry day, National awards are given to selected small scale entrepreneurs and open discussion for improvement is held. These Programs are organized by Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise with a joint effort with National small industries corporation New Delhi.

National small industry day is celebrated in different theme every year and Innovative products designs are displayed in exhibitions. Educative lectures and awareness camps are organized all over the country. National small industry day as a part of Our India- Our pride event Himalai wants to create awareness about importance of small scale