National Productivity Day

National Productivity Day celebrated on 12th February, NPC(National Productivity Council) is national level organization to promote productivity culture in India. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aims is to bring awareness about current affairs for the Civil Services exam like IAS exam, KAS exam, Banking exam.

NPC Established by the Ministry of Industry Government of India in 1958, World productivity day celebrates on 20th June, it is an autonomous, non-profit, multipartite organization with equal representation from employers and workers organizations, Government apart from technical & professional institutions.

National Productivity Council is a constituent of the Tokyo-based Asian Productivity Organization (APO) an Inter Governmental Body of which the Government of India is a founder member.

NPIA-National Productivity & Innovation Award Scheme:

  1. The objectives of the NPIA scheme is to identify and bring forward innovative enterprises in above sector who through its innovative actions has introduced breakthrough changes in products, services, processes, and can become role models for others to emulate new methods of production for augmenting enterprise level productivity and competitiveness for the scheme. Among MSME sector the broad objective is to generate consciousness towards innovation and productivity.
  2. NPC encouraging all stakeholders in implementation of productivity techniques and tools with contemporary, in 2018 NPC celebrates 60th anniversary diamond jubilee.
  3. NP Council teams up with its clients to work out solutions towards accelerating productivity, increasing profits, enhancing competitiveness, augmenting safety and reliability, ensuring better quality to the client.
  1. It provides reliable database for decision-making, improved systems and procedures, Customer satisfaction as well as the work culture both internal & external in the council plays prominent role.
  1. The solution for the procedure can be all-encompassing or specific depending on the nature of the problem to solve in organization. The council also helps review, implement and monitor the identified strategies for the growth.
  1. NPC’s services have bearings on economic growth and quality of life for promotional and catalytic in nature. The Council of NP promotes a comprehensive view of productivity focused on improving triple bottom line economic, environmental and social and adds value for all the stakeholders through generation & application of advanced knowledge.

The “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability” selected by NPC as national theme on productivity to be observed during the National Productivity Week 2019 where as 2018 theme was- “Industry 4.0 Leapfrog Opportunity for India”.

The following activities organized by the stakeholders to propagate the productivity concept in NPC 2019:

  1. Special talks on focusing the problems faced on the productivity fronts discussions, meetings, workshops/round tables.
  2. Paintings/Slogan/ Essay competitions relating to theme.
  3. Relevant to Productivity Special training programs.
  4. On the Productivity concept Special drive/campaign.

The purpose of the NPC to draw the attention of all concerned, towards the concept and encourage implementation of productivity techniques and tools with contemporary relevant themes for the council.