The press is not only a source of information that is read by billions, but it is also has great influence on people mindset. The best example of the press influence is in Indian Independence movements where they motivated freedom fighters with powerful words.

With rapid increase in press network, to ensure the standards and reliability of information  Indian government established Press Council of India in 1966.

National Press Day date,16th November is selected to commemorate the establishment of Press Council. National Press day represents free and reliable press in India. National Press Day in India is celebrated every year and National Press day 2018 is on 16th November, Friday.

Press in India

  • As per 2017 statistics, total registered publications in India is 1,14,820 with 16,993 newspaper categories.
  • The number of new publications registered is 4007 and 38 publications ceased.
  • Hindi is the language in which the largest number of publications are registered (46,587) and next is the English Language (14,365)
  • Uttar Pradesh is the state with the largest number of registered publications with Maharashtra standing next.
  • The total number of publication circulation of the year 2017 is 48,80,89,490

Indian Press Council

With such a wide network of publication maintaining ethics and morality difficult, to ensure this Press council keeps a watchful eye on all the publication of India. The uniqueness of Indian Press council form other entities of the world is that the council has the authority to secure independence of the press.

The Press Council of India works under the Press Council Act, 1978. It resolves the various complaints against the press regarding the violation of ethics freedom and more. The head of the press council is the chairmen (Usually retired supreme court judge). The council constitutes of 28-member, prominent press workforce elects 20 members of the council, five members are nominated by parliament house and other three are represented from reputed institutions. The members serve the council for three years.

The revenue for the council is collected from the registered newspapers based on the circulation (For newspapers circulation less than 5000 copies no funds are collected)

National Press day activities

National press day is celebrated by Press council with a meaningful way every year by organizing seminars on the topics like freedom of the press, Role of media in critical situations, Media and society, the role of media and more.

For the National Press day 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the event and addressed the role of media in the social causes like ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. The National Press day theme is to uphold freedom of expression in every form.

Many events are organized by publications, journalism-related organization for the press day celebrations. National Press day messages are circulated around the social media wishing and promoting the role of the press in our day to day lives.

Press is a powerful weapon which can change the world, Himalai IAS coaching wants spreads this word on this National Press Day as a part our India with world events.