Nutrition week:

  • National nutrition week is a week long event conducted all over the nation to create awareness about the importance of nutritious food in everyone’s life.
  • It is celebrated from 1st September to 7th September every year. It was first organized in 1982 under the flagship of the Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • National Nutritional week 2018 is celebrated from this week i.e., 1st September (Sunday) to 7thSeptember (Saturday).

Malnutrition and Obesity:

  • There are many children and women who are suffering from malnutrition.
  • It not only shows the economic backwardness of the country but also effects the countries development which is in the hands of future generation.
  • There are many reasons for malnutrition like poverty, lack of education of balanced diet, unavailability of food resources and much more.
  • Without a balanced diet obesity has also become a problem which effects a person’s productivity in work as well as in personal life.
  • Both malnutrition and obesity attracts many health issues and diseases which can be life threatening

A Nutritional Food List:

There are 6 essential nutrients that are the basic requirement for proper functioning of Human body. Consumption of food rich with these nutrients in balance is primary requirement to maintain a healthy body. The importance of nutrients is much more than what is described.

  1. Carbohydrate:

They fuel the body to work and are the source of energy

Sources:Rice, Wheat grains, Vegetables

  1. Vitamins:

They are major contributors for immunity that wards of disease

Source: Fruits, vegetables, soy milk, meat

  1. Proteins :

Muscles, skin, hair,hormones and much more vital substances are made up of proteins

Sources: Egg, fish, meat, soy, nuts

  1. Essential Fats:

Fats supports other nutrients and unsaturated fat are prime contributors of essential fatty acids

Source: Nuts, oils from seeds and vegetables, fish, milk

  1. Minerals:

They support the body and some examples are calcium, zinc, iron etc.,

Source: Lentils, Mushrooms, milk, yogurt

  1. Water :

Majority part of human body is made up of water, it detoxifies and hydrates the body

Source: Water, vegetable (like Cucumber), fruit (like watermelon, orange)

Nutrition week activities:

  • On this occasion with collaboration of various state departments and NGOs events are organized in state and village level to promote healthy eating.
  • Many lectures and mini exhibitions are conducted to educate people about balanced diet
  • Demonstration of recipes with low cost ingredients so every household can cook nutritious food
  • Awareness camps are conducted stressing on child nutrition, nutrition for pregnant women, Mother’s first milk and breast feeding till 6 months on nutrition week.
  • A nutrition guide and materials that includes the list of nutritional food and ways to include them are distributed.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and wait management information is provided to everyone

Nation nutrition week theme:

Year Theme
2011 Feeding smart from the start
2012 Nutrition Awareness – Key to Healthy Nation
2013 Project Dinnertime – Cook. Eat. Enjoy
2014 PoshakAaharDeshkaAadhar.
2015 Better Nutrition: Key to Development
2016 Life cycle approach for better Nutrition
2017 Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child
2018 RashtriyaPoshanMaah

The National Nutrition week 2018 theme:

The theme of National Nutrition week 2018is RashtriyaPoshanMaah is a month long initiative taken by Ministry of Women and Child Development with aid of NITI aayoga and other18 departments and ministries.

It is a mission to take the ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ to a next step as a notional movement or people’s movement. The ‘POSHAN Abhiyaan’ or national nutrition mission was initiated on 8th march 2018 by our prime minister, a mission to tackle malnutritionby technological use and strategic approach.TheRashtriyaPoshanMaah focuses on 8 prime theme

  • Antenatal Care
  • Optimal Breastfeeding
  • Complementary Feeding
  • Anemia
  • Growth Monitoring
  • Girls-education diet
  • Right age of Marriage
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Food Fortification

Much importance is given for nutrition and well-being in not only in India but also around the World. From Himalai on this National nutrition week as a part of our India our pride events wants to encourage every individual to take a healthy and nutritious diet and promote a healthier  lifestyle.