• National Energy Conservation day is observed each year on 14th December to encourage energy saving and conservation all over the country.
  • This is an initiative by the Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE) under the Ministry of Power to spread the awareness of energy conservation.
  • It is also a day to demonstrate the achievements of the Indian government in energy saving and conservation.
  • The energy conservation act was launched by the Indian government in 2001 to provide efficient use of energy.
  • This National conservation day 2018 will be celebrated on 14th December, Friday.

Why National Energy Conservation day is celebrated?

To reach the UN sustainable development goal, India’s energy demand may double by 2030 which is estimated to be 1500 million tons of oil equivalent. BEE is responsible for aiding policy developer and strategists to reduce the energy demand. The demand can only be reduced and reached if is start conserving energy. The aim of national energy conservation day is to encourage industries, manufactures and even every household to save energy.

Energy Statistics of India

  • Gross electric generation from all over India in 2015-2016 is 11,67,584 GWh, the annual energy production growth rate is 4.5%. The total energy generation in the year 2015-2016 was 13,35,965 GWh.
  • Majority of this power is generated through thermal power plant (9,43,013 GWh), next is hydropower generation (1,21,377 GWh).
  • There was a net decrease about (-) 28.64% in the import of electricity from 2006- 2016.

Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE)

Under the provision of the energy conservation act in 2001, the Bureau of energy efficiency was established on March 1st,2002. It was created with the primary objective of reducing energy demand and effects on the Indian economy.

Functions of BEE

  • The role of BEE is to create awareness on energy efficiency and saving.
  • They have to organize training sessions for technicians to make they specialized with energy conservation techniques.
  • They are also responsible for energy conservation consultancies and also encourage R & D in energy efficient process, devices, and
  • Encourage institutions and individuals by investing in energy efficient projects. Coordinating with international organization relating to efficient use of energy.

National Energy conservation day activities

The National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated on 14th December with many activities and events organized by BEE.

The National Energy Conservation award is awarded to recognize and honor industrialists who have made significant contributions in saving energy. The first National energy conservation day was first awarded on 14th December 1991 which was declared as National energy conservation day. More than 56 subsector industry, institutions, office, hostel, hospitals, shopping mall and more participate in the competition.

On National energy conservation day 2017, 322 industrial units competed for National energy conservation award. Since the establishment of award scheme, the award participants have invested over Rs. 48,000 crores and have saved around Rs. 38,000 crores through energy saving and reducing electricity bill.

BEE also organizes National Painting Competitions to encourage young minds about energy saving. Over 1.22 crore children participated in the National painting competition 2017.

Many activities are organized in schools like national energy conservation day poster competition, quiz, painting essay, debates, and more activities are organized. Many energy conservation messages and national energy conservation day quotes are circulated around social media on energy conservation day.

Our future will be bright if save energy today, Himalai wants to spread this awareness on this National Energy Conservation day as a part of our India with world events.