• Government has organized ‘National deworming day – 2019’ on February 8th
  • On National deworming day, at all schools around the country and Anganwadi-based deworming programs is conducted by providing the deworming drugs to students.
  • For the missed out students on National deworming day-2019 date 8th Another deworming session will be conducted on 14th February called the mop date.
  • This is a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of School Education and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. This initiative is to make all the children in India stay healthy and to have a strong digestive system.

About National Deworming Day Program

In 2015, only deworming sessions were held in government schools, government-aided schools, and anganwadis. Due to the high success of the program, the government has now added all private schools for this deworming program.

More than 50% of children in India attend private schools. So, it is natural to include private schools to get complete success in the national deworming program. The government is committed to reaching all the private schools on the National Deworming Day 2019 date. So, all children could receive the benefits of these initiatives.

National Deworming Day Guidelines 2019


Why do children need to be dewormed?

Parasitic worm infection can lead to anemia, undernourishment, decreased mental and physical development. This infection mainly affects children in the age group of 1-14 years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 220 million children in India are under risk. So, to overcome this government has started the National Deworming Day Program.

How deworming is done?

Albendazole is a chewable tablet which will deworm the children. This tablet is approved by WHO as a safe tablet for all age children between the age of 1-19. For all children the deworming process is essential as the children can carry the worm or the eggs and don’t show any symptoms of it. So on National Deworming Day, the government conducts the deworming programs to all children countrywide.

Benefits of deworming?

Good and healthy digestive system. Controls anemia and improves impunity. This indirectly increases the concentration in children and improves their learning.

Click here to National Deworming Day 2019 pdf

The National Deworming Day theme/ slogan is to improve and protect children health and their wellbeing. A government study shows 25% improvement in student attendance after the National Deworming Day Program. So, protect your children health and future today!