National Dengue Day

National Dengue Day is an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. This day is observed to spread the awareness of the deadly disease Dengue and precaution to control it in the country. Indian Government has taken many measures to fight against this disease and National Dengue Day is one of them.  Dengue disease has its presence across the country from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Punjab, Kerala, and many other states.

About Dengue:

  • Dengue virus which is also known as DENV, 1–4 serotypes is the reason for Dengue.
  • Infected mosquito with one of the four dengue viruses spreads or transmits the Dengue
  • These mosquitoes only bite during day time
  • You can only see the effects or the symptoms after 3-14 days of the infective bite.  
  • In the symptoms raising period an infected patients can transmit  the Dengue virus through mosquitoes
  • We can control and prevent Dengue with effective measures.

Symptoms of Dengue

Dengue Fever: the symptoms of Dengue fever include sudden high temperature fever with severe headache and eye muscle pain and rash.  

Dengue haemorrhagic Fever: the symptoms include severe fever with abdominal pain, bleeding & vomiting    

Dengue Treatment/ cure

Till date there is no  specific treatment for Dengue. Which means we have nt found out the specific antiviral medicine to cure Dengue. However, if a physician  diagnosis the fever at an early and takes the proper management ca lower the fatality rates below1%. The proper clinical management includes use of pain reliever  with paracetamol and making patients intake plenty of fluids with proper rest. It is best to avoid aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid ) and Ibuprofen (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) in the treatment.   

The  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has made it mandatory for hospitals to notify the dengue cases. This includes all Government hostpitals, private hospitals, clinic etc., They have to send weekly or daily report (during transmission season) to the office of district health authority about the     suspected dengue cases.

Indian Dengue Prevention Programes

Indian Governmment has made Directorate National Vector Borne Disease Control Programe responsible for prevention and monitoring of dengue in India. The Integrated disease surveillance programme also aids in monitoring and detection of Dengue  outbreak in the country.

Precautions to Prevent Dengue

  • Water from coolers and other little holders (plastic compartments, pails, utilized vehicle tires, water coolers, pet watering holders and bloom vases) ought to be emptyed in any event once in seven days.
  • Fitting larvicides ought to be utilized to water stockpiling compartments that can’t be exhausted.
  • Water stockpiles compartments ought to be kept secured with top.
  • People should use Mosquito repellents in day time to avert the bites of mosquitoes.
  • Amid transmission season (stormy season) all people can wear garments that cover arms and legs.
  • Mosquito nets or mosquito anti-agents can be utilized while day time naps or sleep.
  • In summury People should take proper preventive measures to avod Mosquito btes like bug sprys, window meshes etc.,  
  • Dengue patient ought to be kept away from mosquito bites. This will avert additionally spread of dengue to different people.

National Dengue Day is the day to spread the awareness of this deadly Dengue disease. Himalai IAS caoching spreads this awareness on this National Dengue Day as a part of our Inidia our pride event.  


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