With very few days left in the announcement of KAS related notifications, a lot of myths and misconceptions are plaguing the minds of KPSC aspirants. One bitter truth about failure is that if you lose motivation and hope even before attempting an exam, it is as good as not writing the exam at all since you destine yourself to meet failure with open arms. If you give up your arms before the onset of the war, you deem yourself to get defeated. And this is what the rumours and myths related to KPSC are doing to students.

KPSC aspirants easily fall for these myths and end up losing their motivation of clearing the exam by jeopardizing their efforts. So these are few famous facts about KPSC that Himalai KPSC and IAS classes, one of the topmost civil services training institutions in the country is obliged to clear out!

1. KPSC is tough! And obviously not for average people. You’ve to be extremely intelligent to clear it!

Well, of course, it’s tough. You wouldn’t be struggling to clear it if it wasn’t. Well, let’s just accept the fact that if something is easy, we take it for granted. And Civil service is a post, if taken for granted, can crumble the development of an entire nation, and hence it is designed to be tough and competitive. However, just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it’s not for you, however, you may be. Hasn’t the age-old “Hare and Tortoise” story taught us that hard work always outweighs skill and intelligence? If you really want to clear the KPSC, “hard-work” must be your motto and we at Himalai never compromise on the effort. If you follow this then nothing will come your way and you’ve already won half the battle.

2. KPSC Recruitment is not regular!

Well, consider this as one of the ridiculous myth regarding KPSC. For, a state as big as Karnataka, there are a variety of posts waiting every year to be filled by competent candidates and if not for regular KPSC recruitment, the state would never be able to meet the development standards.

3. KPSC requires day and night study, a minimum of 16 hrs or more!

Well, the number of study hours solely depends on the will of the candidate. Also instead of 16 hours of scattered study, with no rest or sleep, 8-9 hours of proper, practical study, planned for you by Himalai does the job!

4. KPSC is not for working professionals!

KPSC is for anyone who is eligible for writing the exam, irrespective of being a working professional or not. All one requires to clear the KPSC is proper guidance and constant efforts, one that is available in abundance at Himalai.

5. The whole KPSC process is corrupted!

Well, that’s definitely a coward’s excuse. The KPSC process is most definitely not corrupted and is vouched for by the government themselves. In Fact, many people from economically weaker sections of the society go on to clear the KPSC and become KAS officers.

6. Lot of books to study from

The scattered approach leads you nowhere. We at Himalai, help you study using a basic time-and-again proved successful approach that leads you to success.

7. Online Material is enough

Online material half the times are copied from government books and sites. While they may appear to be useful, they can be misleading in nature as well. Hence, it’s important for aspirants to join a trusted institution like ours, to help them achieve their dreams.