Many people have the wrong perceptions about civil services examination.
Hence, before starting the preparation for the exam they should clear all the misconceptions about IAS exam. Here we bring some popular myths about civil services exams which may cross over student’s mind:

  • You must study for 15-20 hours a day for clearing the exam

It is practically impossible for a normal person to study for 15-20 hours a day. What you need is the smart and focused study, not mindless slogging. It does not matter how many hours you study in a day. What matters more is consistency and focus.

  • I do not know English; I am at a disadvantage as compared to English medium students

To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Select a language in which you are comfortable in expressing yourself. Every year numerous students from the non-English background are clearing the civil services exam. Do not opt for English if you are not comfortable with it.

  • You need study a lot of books for clearing the prelims

For clearing the IAS prelims and mains, study materials and books recommended by the coaching institute is more than enough. You don’t have to read dozens of books for clearing the exam.

  • IAS is the toughest exam of the world and it is impossible to crack.

Yes, it is one of the toughest exams to clear. But keep in mind that 900 candidates are clearing this exam every year and getting selected for different government services. They are just like everyone not very extraordinary people. You should have faith in yourself. Success can only be achieved by consistent hard work and with a positive attitude.

  • You need to be topper throughout your academic career to clear the civil services exam

Many people who clear the exam may have average or mediocre grades in their academic career. One’s mark or rank doesn’t define their intelligence. Marks from your school or college will not count. What counts is the dedication, hard work and the final score you get in the exam.

  • I need a lot of luck for clearing the exam. Luck won’t shine on me.

Luck and chance does play a crucial role in any endeavour of life. But it is not the only thing that matters. If it were so, there will be no hard work required for clearing the exam. What you should focus on is preparation with right focus and attitude.

  • There is no need to attempt mocks or practice writing skills. I will directly go and write the exam.

NEVER do this. Not just IAS, for attempting any competitive exam without practice is like blindfold shooting. No matter how good your preparation you need to test yourself before the main exam. Mocks help you to time yourself. You would not like to waste your one year of hard work just because of lack of practice.

We, at Himalai, do not allow these myths dominate your mind and guide you in the correct direction and clear each doubt face to face which help you feel fearless while start with the preparation for the IAS.