IAS aspirants! Don’t miss this!

Civil service exam 2019 is around the corner. The official UPSC notification 2019 will release shortly! With months left for IAS prelims 2019, it is the right time to start your IAS prelims preparation. The best IAS study material, Best IAS Books and Best IAS test series will not help you clear civil service 2019 if you miss this important part of IAS preparation, which is UPSC guidance.

To clear civil service exam – 2019 is a hassle-free way- you need the special touch of a guide!

A guide who will tell you the ‘dos and don’ts of civil service preparation and assure your success in UPSC exam 2019.

Here is the importance of a guide in your IAS preparation 2019:

Why you need a UPSC guide:

  • Union Public Service Commission constantly changes its exam trends, especially for civil services exam. Recruiting for one of the most powerful and prestigious positions of the Indian government, it is normal for UPSC to upgrade IAS exam trends.
  • Being oblivious to these changes and starting your IAS preparation will place you in a confused position. You may face time-constraints if you start analyzing and understanding ever-changing IAS exam trends, topic importance, and even UPSC exam pattern.
  • Further, IAS syllabus 2019 is vast, but not impossible to cover. With months left for IAS prelims 2019, knowing relevant topics form the IAS syllabus 2019 will definitely help your IAS preparations.

Importance of a UPSC guide:

  • If you know UPSC expectations and have a clear understanding of it. You can use your time efficiently in learning things which really matter. This is where a UPSC exam guide will come to your aid.
  • You need an expert who has followed UPSC for years and knows the ‘ins and outs’ of IAS exam. A guiding light to clear all of your doubts on topics, books ,  and relevancy of current affairs at any time.
  • The choice of UPSC guide is crucial for your IAS exam success as they will be the base of your preparation. It’s good if you have someone close who can guide your IAS preparation or join Himalai IAS coaching to ensure your success in civil service exam-2019.

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