Ministry of Railways launches “Digital Screens” to spread awareness about Indian Railways Heritage

Ministry of Railways has decided to launch the “Digital Screen” to Showcase the History and Current Development of Railways as Digital Musems at 22 Different Railway Stations.

QR Code Set-Up:

Railway Heritage are also going to display the QR code based posters at these stations. Passenger can scan the QR code present on the Poster through the Mobile to view a streaming video on their mobile on various facades of Railway heritage.

Significance of Digital Screens:

1. The digital screens is 5.1 meters long and the width ranging is from 2.1 meters to 3.2 meters.

2. To Develop the Railway Musems there is No need of any Investments . Digital museums can be created on the walls of the station depicting the history and current developments by use of appropriate

3. They are Using Existing Infrastructure such as  technology like LED screens and back-end systems for launching the unique initiative.

4. The short films will also be  showcased heritage buildings, locomotives and much more to make people aware of the Rich Heritage of Indian Railways.

The stations that have been chosen for Railway Digital Screen

1.  Howrah

2. Sealdah

3. Lucknow

4. Varanasi

5. Raebareli

6. Sultanpur

7. Prayag

8. Ambala

9. New Delhi

10. Delhi

11. Hazrat Nizamuddin

12. Agra Cantonment

13. Gorakhpur

14. Guwahati

15. Katihar

16. New Jalpaiguri

17. Jaipur

18. Erode

19. Coimbatore

20. Secunderabad


22. Bengaluru.