Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed with 6 States for Lakhwar Yamuna Basin Project in Uttarakhand 

The Memorandum of Understanding is Signed by the center with the six Upper Yamuna basin states for the  Lakhwar multi-purpose project construction in Uttarakhand.

The Six States with Whom the MOU is Signed are:

1. Uttarakhand

2. Himachal Pradesh

3. Uttar Pradesh

4. Rajasthan

5. Haryana

6. Delhi

For Ganga Rejuvenation  Union Minister  Nitin Gadkari  inked the MoU with the Chief Ministers of  all the 6 states in New Delhi the worth Project of 3966.51 crore rupees.

The Lakhwar Project Forecasts the Construction of Dam across river Yamuna in Uttarakhand which would be about 204 meter high and the Live storage capacity would be about 330.66 million cubic, meter MCM

Benefits of the Project

  • Water for Domestic and Industrial Usage will be Provided about 78.83 MCM in all the six Basin States.
  • It is also useful in irrigating 33,780 hectares of land.
  • It will also Generate Power about 300 Megawatt.

The power component will be borne totally by the Uttarakhand government which would be about 1388.28 crore rupees from the total amount of Project i.e. about 3966.51 crore rupees. Once the Project is Complete the Uttarakhan will get the benefit of total Power Generation

on the Occasion, Mr Gadkari said there is no Shortage of Water but we need to Conserve the water, he also said people should get the clean Drinking water.

Upper Yamuna refers to the River Yamuna from its origin to the Okhla Barrage in Delhi, on 12th May 1994 six Upper Yamuna Basin states  Mou was signed regarding allocation of surface flow of River Yamuna.

Memorandum of Understanding 

Memorandum of Understanding is a agreement type of thing between the bilateral or multilateral Parties, It is used in the Situations where the Parties Cannot Legally Create Enforceable agreement, It is a Formal Alternate, The Memorandum of Understanding( MOUs) can be Used between a Government agency and a non commercial or non Government Organization.