Media Statement at BRICS Leaders Informal meeting on the margins of the G-20 Summit

G20 summit is to deplore continued terrorist attacks, including against some BRICS countries. We condemn terrorism in all forms and manifestations, which is the most important UPSC exam related current affairs given by Himalai IAS coaching center, wherever committed and by whom so ever. We urge concerted efforts to counter terrorism under the UN auspices on a firm international legal basis. the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, Heads of State and Government of the Federation Republic of Brazil, met on 30 November 2018 for the annual Informal BRICS Leaders’ Meeting on the margins of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Main Goals is to G20-Summit

*They exchanged views on international political, security and global economic-financial issues.

*Organizes a world of peace and stability.

*Promotion of democracy and the rule of law and give a strengthen multilateral-ism and promote a fair, just, equitable, democratic and representative international order.

*Deplore continued terrorist attacks against some BRICS countries under the UN auspices.

*Full support for the rules-based multilateral trading system.

*Conditions of WTO run counter to unilateral and protectionist measures. and the members of WTO should be preserved and interests of all WTO members should be reflected

*WTO is essential for its proper functioning with dispute mechanism

*Promote inclusive growth and participation of all countries in international.

*Fair and Sustainable Development and its focus on the Future of Work, Infrastructure for Development and Food Security and Brazil as the incoming BRICS Chair.

*Mobilizing resources for sustainable and disaster resilient infrastructure through national and collective initiatives.

*Organised a “Quota-based International Monetary Fund (IMF)” at its center.

*The implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals that would provide equitable, inclusive, open, all-around innovation-driven and sustainable development, in its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental.

* G20 important source of the volatility of some emerging market economies for fora to prevent potential risks from spreading.

* Implementation of the Paris Agreement adopted under the principles of the UNFCCC.

*Appreciation to South Africa for the success of the 10th BRICS Summit.