KAS-Karnataka Administrative Services, one of the most sought-after and coveted Civil Services title in the state. Offers you not just an important job profile, but also a platform to make a difference. KAS has been the dream of most Kannadigas since its inception.
However, higher the importance of the post, higher is the difficulty in cracking the exam and KAS is no exception to this fact.

Since KAS is every other youth’s dream in the state, the amount of competition makes the exam all the more tougher. But fret not, for if you’re one such individual dreaming to make it big through KAS, you’ve definitely come to the right place. The date for KAS 2018 process will be out anytime now and that’s why dear candidate it’s time for you to step up your game. You’ll have to walk just that little extra mile to deem yourself apart from the rest and propel yourself into cracking the KAS.

Civil Services Exams are considered to be one of the toughest in the country because it not just tests your subjective knowledge but aims to estimate your overall behaviour in every way possible. Now if you feel that you dream big, but your preparation is not up to the required notch, or that it’s high time that you start taking things seriously, Himalai IAS and KAS classes are the right place for you. Creating and guiding IAS and KAS officers and tasting successes when each of them does something extraordinary, since 1998, Himalai IAS and KAS classes is the right institution for you to place your trust upon.

Regarded as one of the top-most institutions for IAS and KAS coaching in the country, the institution strongly believes in the saying “ Service to mankind is service to god” And they strive to prove their motto in every way possible. Following are the reasons why it is a must for you to join this institution:

State-of-the-art infrastructure:

The most recent technologies related to infrastructure are provided to students that make it comfortable for them to spend long hours studying at the institution.

The comfort also makes the pupils eager to read and study more and the classes feel more like a passion than an obligation

Highly Trained Experts:

The training faculty provided by Himalai use comprehensive ways of communication that make the course easier and more interesting for the students.

Specially designed Courses:

The course material for KPSC is designed under the guidance of various KAS officers as well as alumni of the institution and are tailor-made to provide the best.

Apart from guidance, motivation is an emotion that guides you all the way to success. We produce the highest results in the state as well as the country.

Mrs Snehal, IAS topper in 2013, is the alumni of this esteemed institution.

They make high-grade officers out of students, teachers or any working professional as well as non-working individuals.

They help and strive to achieve ridiculously impossible high-scores at a state level as well as All-India-Level.

So folks, if you too dream of securing yourself the most esteemed position and job profile in the state, then it’s time to enroll yourself at Himalai KAS and IAS classes and get ready to work.