Karnataka Formation Day – Karnataka Rajyotsava 2018

November 1 of every year is called as birth date of Karnataka, Himalai IAS Coaching center in Bangalore is proudly wishing you all Happy Kannada rajyostava, We are very proud to be in the field of IAS and KAS Coaching which is making us to proudly convey the right cause of formation of Karnataka, A step towards Social responsibility.

History of Kannada language:

Karnataka was formed on 1 November 1956 when all the Kannada language speaking regions of south India were merged with the passage of the States Reorganization Act. Karnataka originally known as the State of Mysore later it was renamed as Karnataka in 1973.

Aluru Ventaka Rao was the first person who dreamt of unifying the state Karnataka Ekikarana. He also published his renowned achievement Karnataka Gatha Vaibhava in 1912, Karnataka Vidyavardhaka Sangha established in 1890.

The origin of Kannada language also known as Kannarese, Kannada is one of the most well-known Dravidian languages of India. Karnataka flag was designed by Ma Ramamurthy son of freedom fighter and literature Veerakesari Seetharama Shastri.

The records found from the 6th century, the oldest book is king Nripatunga’s literature critique Kavi Raja Marga. Dr. MV Gopalaswamy treasure of Karnataka bought Akashvani in Mysuru, Karnataka.

Celebrations of Kannada Rajyotsava 2018:

63rd Kannada Rajyotsava Day marked by the announcement and presentation of the honors list for Rajyotsava awards by the Government of Karnataka. The state formation Day is declared as a government holiday.

Kannada Rajyotsava can be celebration starts with a welcome speech about Kannada Rajyotsava, flag hoisting, agenda for the day, organizing cultural events, processions, exchange sweets build bondage with all religions.

Late Devraj Urs chief minister of state took landmark decision officially the new state was born on November 1. This is popularly called as Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Rajyotsava birth of a state.

Kannada Rajyotsava day is a colorful celebration with two vibrant colors on the Karnataka flag yellow and red, yellow representing turmeric and red representing vermilion which signifies auspiciousness and well-being. Purandara Dasa composed 475,000 songs in Kannada language and Sanskrit.

Kannada Rajyotsava celebrates like a festival in schools, colleges, corporate office, top IAS coaching centers, every small office, in every street children’s, youths, old age people with decorating with red and yellow color to show passion about state and love about language. Organized cultural events to bring awareness about language.

Karnataka is the place where the two main river systems of India flow out of Bay of Bengal, rivers are Krishna and Kaveri. Kannada Rajyotsava is celebrating with the dress code, colorful decoration. Kannada Rajyotsava celebration done with Kannadigas all over the world, also celebrate with all religions.

10 Facts about Karnataka:

* The first women to lead an armed rebellion against the British is from Karnataka-Rani chennama.

* The KKGSS in Bengeri in Hubli is the only unit in India that is authorized to manufacture and supply the Flag of India set up in 1957.

* Father of Karnatic music is Purandaradasa. Karnataka hosts the maximum number of Jnanapith awardees and the state has won eight.

* Karnataka has become the hub of IT industry and civil services exam with its growing presence in Bangalore city. 85% of raw silk of India is marketed and produced in Karnataka.

* Mysore city was the first one to publish weekly newspapers in Kannada in 1859.

* Modern education- A free English school was established in 1833. In 1864 first college started for higher education was the Maharajas College.

* Kannadigas introduced the taste of popular breakfast items of India. Karnataka prepares the black ink used for Election.

* Mysuru’s 10-day Dasara festival triumph is world famous and thousands of tourists around the world come to witness the beautiful celebration.

* In Bangalore, out of state people who relocate for job hunting, higher educational purpose like IAS coaching, civil services exam, engineering, medical etc. who are all lived in Bangalore they are trying to learn Kannada because of the beauty of the language and became Kannadiga.

* Botanical Garden-Lalbagh Bengaluru was the oldest rock formations on earth 3,000 million years ago.

* In Bangalore, not only in real estate, IT filed growing rapidly. Most of the IAS/IPS toppers are trained in best IAS coaching centers in Bangalore and made Karnataka be proud.

* Karnataka has different religions, different languages, different culture all together celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava on November 1st without any partiality.

* People of different religions have co-existed peacefully in the state of Karnataka celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava on 1st November 2018.