Is it good choice to do IAS after Engineering?

The popularity of the Indian civil service (especially IAS) is growing as the awareness about this grand career increases. Why not?

It is a well-paid government job with the best facilities, which also includes high status and best job satisfaction. On the top, you are serving our country at the best government job! This attracts many young minds especially engineers to apply for civil service exam. As a result, civil service has become the primary career option for engineers after graduation.            

So yes, it is good to do IAS after engineering. Also, one of the other main reason for the engineers to choose government job over other private engineering jobs is the instability of private jobs.  

It is a fact that the count of engineers is increasing drastically every year. On the other hand, the job opportunities for engineers are going down. So, getting a job with a good salary and status as per your expectation is definitely out of reach. This scenario has increased the job insecurity among the existing employed engineers.  

On the contrary, civil services like IAS, IPS etc. provides benefits which exceed your expectations. The gap between civil service and other private jobs are huge. This has made many engineers to choose IAS over all other engineering career options. Many feel that preparing for IAS exam is better than needless job hunt after graduation.  

Advantages for engineers in UPSC preparations:

  • Studying Engineering takes a lot of patience and practice. You have completed a vast engineering syllabus in a limited period of time. This already gives you an upper hand in UPSC preparations. Also, engineers are good at multitasking which is essential in IAS preparation.  
  • Civil service aptitude test (CSAT): CSAT is the qualifying paper of UPSC prelims (Click here to know more about IAS exam process). The CSAT paper is set at metric to the 12th standard level. So, for engineers who have learned advanced mathematics from their first semester, this paper is relatively easy. Only basic UPSC preparation is enough to clear the exam.
  • Further general studies papers include general science which has basic physics and chemistry question. Which again are relatively simple for engineers.
  • Over four years of studies, an engineer will have developed a good time efficient writing skills which is crucial for IAS Mains. By choosing good IAS optional you can ensure your success in IAS Mains. With the right guidance and planning, you can definitely clear IAS.

   Many engineers from Himalai IAS coaching and have become a successful IAS officers. We want to share their success stories. So, new engineers who are confused about the career option after graduation can get help in choosing the best career after engineering.

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