Name: Mr Punith kuttaiah

Rank: 501

Interview Fare: 206

Approach to Personality Test

The preparation of the personality test starts much before the interview. It is very difficult to fake ones personality under stressful condition. Hence, it’s important for aspirant to work on it from an early stage. The guiding principle can be sourced from the constitution especially the preamble and qualities of civil servants, especially neutrality, empathy, impartiality, honesty, integrity and service orientation is key.

To reorient the personality, the change has to originate at the subconscious level. To train your subconscious mind the current affairs issues are the best source. For example, a communal issues can be understood from the perspective of the ideologies of the conflicting communities, the government, and neutral citizen ect . Try to put yourself in the situation and understand the voice at hand. The final  analysis must keep in mind the satisfaction of constitutional principles and the ideal qualities of a civil servants.

Repeacitive practice of the technique will ensure a 360 perspective of very issue at hand and reinforce these qualities as part of your personality. So the day of the interview you can completely   be your natural self and answer question with a confidence reinforced by it harmony with your personality.


Dr pemmaiah IRT –IT helped me while working for Himalai for my UPSC-CAPF interview this approach helped me ensure 8th rank all India for UPSC-CAPF 2015.He also contacted multiple mock interviews and helped moulded my personality and – the necessary  officer like quality.

For the UPSE civil service interview Keshav Sirs approach on training the sub concise mind further build on Dr pemmaiah’s good work. This was done through multiple mock Interviewer, feedback system, reducing unnecessary reading and personality reinforcement technique.

I am ever grateful to both these personalities for helping me score 206 marks on the personality test.

Read natural and reputed newspapers and novels. Analyse day to day events and current affairs topics from multiple perspectives.

Have trail runs or mock interviews to train out Unconscious habit  such as excessive behaving, hand or leg movements.


  • Dream smart, but not Catchy. I personally didn’t wear a blazer. The interview was in May and Delhi was boiling.
  • Multiple eye contact in the interview may be difficult and may affect  the flow of thought menu it is okay to maintain eye contact with the person asking the question
  • Ignorance is executable but dishonesty is not. A simple “I don’t know “will suffice in case of not knowing the answers.
  • Maintain a smile and your  composure under any condition


  • Do not read multiple blogs, ideologically oriented newspapers yellow press articles.
  • Avoid Social media
  • Do not try to display your knowledge or answer more than what is asked.
  • Do not try let your ego dominate your mind. A fabe ego and a stubborn attitude is what destroys meet of the smart intelligent Candidates.
  • Do not lie under any circumstance. All the other aspect of your personality becomes irrelevant if you are dishonest.
  • Do not order emphasis on knowledge before the interview. Last minute reading influences your answer in a negative way.