Interview Scheduled for All India Civil Services (IAS IPS IFoS..)

Civil service, a once in a lifetime opportunity which will change your life and also gives authority to change others life too. This has made civil service a prospective career for many young people.

If you have the passion to serve the nation and to bring a change into the society then civil service is for you. Union public service commission conducts the recruitment process for the Indian civil service. For all the Indian civil service post including IAS, IPS, IFS etc., candidates are recruited through civil service exam. Due to its technical knowledge requirement, UPSC conducts a separate exam for Indian forest service.

Both civil service and Indian Forest service exam consists of three exam stages: Prelims, Mains and interview. Civil service prelims is the common stage for both the exams. UPSC conducts Mains and Interview process separately.

Civil service Exam 2018 – Interview

  • The commission conducted the civil service mains from 28th September and 7th October 2018. UPSC declared the results on 20th December 2018. 1994 candidates cleared civil service mains and qualified for the interview
  • Qualifying candidates had to submit an addendum of DAF for service preference which is available from 08.01.2019 to 21.01.2019.
  • UPSC has planned to conduct civil service interview from 11.02.2019 to 29.03.2019 in forenoon and afternoon sessions.
  • The commission will issue the E-summons for the qualifying candidates with interview date and time.
  • UPSC has released the civil service interview schedule according to the roll number at their official website ( The same can be downloaded from the link below.

Civil Service Interview schedule pdf

Click here

Indian Forest service Exam 2018- Interview

  • UPSC conducted the IFoS mains exam from 2nd December to 10th The 174 candidates have qualified for the IFoS interview.
  • The main clearing candidates have to submit the addendum of DAF from 08.01.2019 to 21.01.2019.
  • UPSC is conducting IFoS interview from 29.01.2019 to 01.02.2019 and UPSC has issued the E- summons for the same.
  • The commission has released the Indian Forest Service interview schedule at UPSC website ( in order of roll numbers. Download the interview schedule from below link

Indian Forest Service Interview schedule pdf

Click here

Himalai IAS coaching wishes best luck for all the candidates for the interview!

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