• world standard day on 14th October every year to commemorate the day when 25 country representatives decided to create international Standards at London, in 1946.
  • World standard day purpose is a tribute to all the organizations who volunteered to develop a common standard and it also aims to create an awareness of the importance of standards and regulation among the industries and consumers.
  • World standard day 2018 will be on 14th October, Sunday.

What is ISO standards?

Since 1970, the IES, ISO and ITU member celebrate

  • How do measure the weight, height or even your shoe size, that is where the standard measure come into the picture. The world needed an international standard of products to ensure quality, quantity, and safety for facilitating international trade.
  • In the year 1947, an International organization of standard an independent organization came to existence with 25 countries “to facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards”. ISO now comprises memberships of 162 countries and 786 technical committees.
  • ISO standard certificates are required for traders and firms to facilitate their trading and business.
  • Till now ISO has published about 22355 international standards including almost every aspect of manufacturing, fabrication, and technology.
  • Firms and traders acquire ISO certification for smoother and better business. Over 1.1 million certificates have been distributed so far.

World Standards day celebration

  • Across the globe, the world standard day celebration takes place in a single theme every.
  • This year World standards day 2018 theme is “International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution“
  • The theme signifies the role of Standards in the fourth industrial revelation with rapid evolution in technological advancement across wide areas of manufacturing and technologies.
  • It is fact that the connectivity between the different areas of the physical, digital and biological worlds is merging and this requires a transformation of the standards.
  • Whether its artificial intelligence are the robots that almost do every work a human can, or the big data use or the increased integration, there is a need for evolution of standards to ensure the safety of consumer.

World Standards Day Theme

Year Theme
2010 Standards make the world accessible for all
2011 International Standards – Creating confidence globally
2012 Less waste, better results – Standards increase efficiency
2013 Standards for a World at Work and Play
2014 Standards level the playing field
2015 Standards, A common language
2016 Standards Build Trust
2017 Standards make cities smarter
2018 International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

World standard day in India

  • India stands at eighth position in countries with most ISO certificates with 37490 ISO 9001 certificate count.
  • Official seminars are held in India for the celebration of World standard day with many industrialists, manufactures and delegates participating in the event