International Sex Workers’ Day

International Sex Workers Day which is decided as the commemoration of the first major protest staged to forward sex workers’ rights. Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore spread awareness about social responsibilities current events for the civil service exams like IAS exams, KAS exams, IES exams, and other competitive exams. The day is also known as International Whore’s Day and is celebrated on 2nd June every year. 

History of International Sex Workers’ Day

  • On 2nd of June 1975, more than a hundred street sex workers in Lyon gathered on the  Église Saint-Nizier, to protest inhumane working condition.
  • While police harshly punished prostitutes, along with the French government, after law enforcement failed to investigate the murders of two prostitutes, a group of them went on strike and occupied the church, demanding for fair treatment. The police conducted a brutal raid on June 10th, then arrested and removed the protestors because they maintained. As the outcome, the women ignited a worldwide movement. International Sex Workers Day considered  June 2nd as the anniversary of their efforts.

Why the International Sex Workers’ Day is celebrated?

  • Decriminalising sex work is the best way to make sex workers safer, this is what, the international studies by harm reduction and human rights organizations repeatedly says. And this the opinion of the majority of sex workers themselves. 
  • The study done by Medicins du Monde reveals that the introduction of “end demand” laws two years ago has minimized the safety, health outcomes, ability to screen dangerous clients, ability to negotiate condom use and the quality of police relations for sex workers in France, and so it could be easy to feel that the message of the Lyon protest has been lost somewhere along the way.
  • The main strategy of this International Whore’s Day event is that people should feel authorized to engage in whatever their self-directed action they have the ability to arrange it systematically and this event makes feel people do what people feels right for them.
  • The symbol for the event International Sex Workers’ Day is a red umbrella and the symbols say that “Go big and bold, use lots of RED! The sky’s the limit for your creativity!”.