International literacy day Facts

  • The concept of international literacy day was shaped on 8th September 1965 at World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy, held in Iran.
  • To commemorate this day in 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, a resolution was approved to form international literacy day.
  • Since 1967, it is annually celebrated on 8th September to create an awareness about the significance of literacy in an individual life, society and in world development.
  • This year the International literacy day 2018 is celebrated on 8th September, Saturday.

Importance of Literacy

  • It is a fact that literacy has become one of the basic necessity for Human survival. Without fundamental numeracy it is not even possible to have a decent transactions in day to day life.
  • Globally there are more than 750 million adults who lack minimum literacy skills, in that 500 million are women and 75 million children who are out of school.
  • Major illiterate population is found in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Illiteracy is one of the main setback in world development, so it has become one of the major goal of UN’s “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” established in 2015 with world leaders.

India’s move to eradicate Illiteracy

  • Since attaining independence India has faced a challenge in eradicating illiteracy from country.
  • As per 2015 statistics by UNESCO the literacy rate in India is 72.1%
  • On the aim to achieve100% literacy many programs like Samagra Shiksha, Mid-Day Meal and more aids are established by Indian government to attract children especially girls to join schools,
  • Saakshar Bharat, State Resource Center and other schemes are created to encourage adults to acquire basic education.
  • State wise schemes are also formed to increase the literacy rate

International Literacy day activates by UNESCO

  • Many events are planned by UNESCO in collaboration with countries and organizations to promote Literacy in regional and community level
  • The awareness in created, not only aims for education for children but also for training programs for adults
  • As a part of International Literacy day activates, an official award ceremony for “UNESCO International Literacy Prizes” is organized to honor the individuals, NGOs and other organizations for their exceptional efforts in eradicate illiteracy.
  • The UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2018, award ceremony was held in Paris, France on 7th September 2018.
  • Every year Literacy day celebration takes place in different theme, like “Literacy in digital world” was International Literacy day 2017 theme.

International Literacy day 2018 theme “Literacy and skill development”

In this digitally evolving world and rapid change in labor procurement, getting employment opportunities without basic education is unimaginable as a result there are 192 million people unemployed around the world.

Even with the illiteracy problem the need for skilled labor has also increased, so UNESCO has come up with this International Literacy day 2018 theme of “Literacy and skill development” to encourage skill development along with education.

International Literacy day in India

  • From 1988 the National Literacy Mission Authority organizes events as a part of International Literacy day celebration.
  • An Award program is organized by inviting dignitaries and Saakshar Bharat Awards are presented to States, NGOs and organizations for their outstanding contributions in increasing the literacy rate in India.
  • The need of education is stressed in every International Literacy day speech to inspire young generation to promote literacy.
  • Rallies, competitions and exhibitions are organized at state levels by coordination with schools and NGOs to promote the importance of literacy especially in rural parts of the country

“Education is a basic right and every individual have the right to access it” Himalai wants to convey this message on International Literacy day as a part of Our India with world event.

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