There are billions of people around the world, but each and every individual are so diverse is nature, language, religion, community and more. Even with all the diversity, people have shown tremendous unity when faced with challenges. To encourage this unity Human solidarity day is celebrated.

What is international human solidarity day?

  • UN General Assembly voted for the resolution 57/256 to establish World Solidarity Funds on 20th December 2002.
  • The initial stage of this was a part of United Nation Development Programme in February 2003.
  • UN General Assembly in 2005 decided to commemorate this day by celebrating International Human Solidarity day every year.
  • This year International solidarity day 2018 will be on 20th December, Thursday.
  • The objective of this initiative is to eradicate poverty and to achieve overall development of humankind especially in developing countries where the poverty ratio is very high.

Why Human Solidarity day is celebrated?

1.3 billion population around the world is suffering from severe poverty and about 1.1 billion of them reside in rural areas. People living in poverty are striving to access basic necessity like nutritious food, clean water, health care, education, and other facilities. Poverty is one among many difficulties threatening mankind. Human Solidarity day meaning is a day to celebrate the unity of people in combating these crises.

The purpose of International human solidarity day is to encourage unity and also to respect boundaries of culture and traditions. This gives an opportunity to promote the significance of solidarity for achieving sustainable development worldwide.

Human solidarity role in the development

  • UN Sustainable development goals are the set to achieve overall development of the people and the planet. To realize these goals, we need to combine our efforts through global partnerships and eradicate poverty, hunger, and
  • Solidarity is one of the basic values of millennium declaration especially for maintaining international relations.
  • Global solidarity is one of the effective ways to tackle inequality, discrimination, poverty and more.

Human Solidarity day activities

Many activities are organized in both the global level and local communities. The events are organized to promote the solidarity and respect between every individual. The international human solidarity day theme is to encourage people with co-living and harmony. Solidarity day in schools is celebrated with team activities to encourage sharing among children. International human solidarity day quotes and messages are circulated in social media.

Even though National Solidarity Day in India is celebrated on October 20th, various activities are also organized in the country for international solidarity day.

To achieve global peace and harmony, solidarity is one of the basic essentials, Himalai IAS coaching wants to create this awareness on International solidarity day as a part of our India with world events.