International Families Day

 International Families Day is celebrated on 15th May every year, Himalai IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore aims is to bring awareness about current affairs for the Civil Services Exam like IAS exam, KAS exam, banking exam and other competitive exams.

The theme of the International Families day designates by the Secretary-General of the United Nations since the period of 1996 for the celebration of International Day of Families.

  • The International Families day theme in each year to pay special attention to a particular motto. Families day themes rotate around children education, poverty, family balance and social issues for the betterment of families all over the world.
  • On International Families Day Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) supports the worldwide observance by organizing an official international observance of the Day at United Nation. In the Headquarters in New York focusing on topics relevant to the UN Development Agenda to spread awareness.
  • The families selected topic is prepared for the use by the Governments, the UN system including the regional commissions and UN Information Centres and NGOs for the affection in the families. The International Families day annual message of the Secretary-General is prepared for wide distribution across the world.

The theme of International Day by Year:

The theme in 2019 is “Families and Climate Action: Focus on SDG13”

The theme in 2018 was “Families and inclusive societies” for the welfare of the society

The theme in 2017 was “Families, education and well-being” for annual message awareness

The theme in 2016 was  “Families, healthy lives and sustainable future” for the awareness across the world

The theme in 2015 was ”Men in charge? Gender equality and children’s rights in contemporary families”

On 20th of September, 1993, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution named A/RES/47/237 that reasserted the resolution named 44/82 which was passed in the month of December in 1989 and resolution named 46/92 which was passed in the month of December in 1991 on the International Families Day.

United Nations officially declared the International Day of Families in response to the modifying economic and social structures that affect the stability and structure of family units in several parts of the world in the year 1994.

The family day serves as an occasion to embody the work which was commenced in 1993 and to commemorate the essence of people, societies, cultures, and families across the globe.

International Day of Families symbol comprises a solid green circle with a red image in between for the identical. The International families day symbol contains schematic drawing elements of a house and a heart. It signifies that families are a central part of any society and they offer a supporting and stable home for all the age groups of people.


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